Crazy uncertainty and chaos

I loved these words from one of our Mindset Mastery Program participants, F.J. – particularly because of how she is thinking, processing, and choosing carefully how to process her experiences. It’s not easy. It’s not always quick. But I have no doubt that she is going to succeed at the things she chooses to pursue.

Check it out. She said:

I must be close to breakthrough. Life seriously looks like a mess. I have been working for this for many months. I know it is right, I don’t doubt that the answers will come, but I have been uncertain about the timing and the how and that bit of uncertainty has been hard. I really do feel that I am living Gideon’s (from the Bible) story. All my resources have been taken away. There will be no question from where the blessings really came. (no way could I take credit for it!!)

I read You2 (You squared) yesterday and it was just what I needed. I started to think “What would happen if I did retreat, I realized that I absolutely do not want that. I am positive that that would be in the wrong direction for what the Lord has for me. I would be letting Him down and I would be held accountable for that. I would let myself down, too. It would somehow be a denial or betrayal of all the tender mercies that I have already received. No, definitely not backwards.

The book ended with … if you walk in during a surgery, it looks like a murder has happened. – Things get dark before it gets better. I realized that I am right there. That describes my life perfectly right now.

Therefore I am SUPER close, and that is exciting.

Then to top it off, I listened to the Principles of Personal Freedom episode of the Rare Faith Podcast today.


Now I am honestly excited to be in the middle of this crazy uncertainty and chaos. I am totally psyched. It’s going to be an amazing story to tell. I am so, so grateful that I have been lead down this path. I am so grateful for all of you who have walked it ahead of me and shown me that it can be done. I am so grateful that these amazing blessings are already mine (even though I do not yet see them.)

What a wild adventure.

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Eight days later, she also shared this:

(It made me smile, so I’m sharing…)

For when you are facing your terror barrier or when it looks hopeless yet you know your close:

(ok. so it’s really just for me. I am thinking hard to keep myself in a positive vibration since nothing appears to be going right. And Shatner’s “sounds like fun” came to mind and made me smile.)

Way to go, F.J. – I’m super proud of you!!

So, friends, keep smiling. Keep learning. Keep believing. You got this. It’s NOT all for nothing – THAT I can promise you. Keep searching for the hidden gifts in your adversities, and you will find them. Believe that they are good, and your world will brighten.

If you’re ready to let me help you do this, join me in the Mindset Mastery Program. It’s 25% off through January 31st! Check your newsletter for the promo code.

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