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Achieving the Impossible – Intro Webinar

I’m sorry, this webinar replay has expired. 

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Here are the links mentioned on the call:Achieving the Impossible 12-month program – Applications due Oct 12.
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Leslie Householder

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  1. Marie Hipwell

    Thank you for the video. I am ready to get back to work to overcome my challenges.

  2. Marcy Valenzuela

    Leslie thank you so much. It’s good to get these reminders again… I’ve learned so much but gotten lax or don’t fully get the principle but this was awesome!! I practically hand transcribed the entire podcast in my notebook. Guess what I’m doing tonight: PRACTICING! And I’m also in the middle of reading “Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing help with your money matters” ❤️❤️ I feel like you’re my Jimminy cricket, every time I get into a funk I pull up something of yours and it always helps.

  3. Mathew Cherian

    How much far better Videos are rather than your Podcasts

  4. Lindsey Zea

    So enlightening, thank you!

  5. Sandy

    Achieving the impossible video doesn’t play. Says unavailable. And the shareable link doesn’t work either.

    1. Leslie Householder

      Sorry! Try now?

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