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The Resistance Game

Hi Reader,

If you’ve been following my story since 2002, you know that life has always been a little crazy-busy with seven kids, moving houses eleven times, launching my books and programs, taking on homeschooling, learning how to cook better, and so forth. (Forget about laundry, it still isn’t done).

You may also remember that I went through bouts of depression where it seemed that no matter how hard I tried, it was physiologically impossible to think positive, and maybe you read about how I discovered how to let “good” flow into my life in spite of me…

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“Hi Leslie… I read your book The Jackrabbit Factor during a time when I was really set on changing my mindset and embracing what I now like to refer to as the law of creation …Amazing things happened that year for me personally and financially.

“However, there were still lessons and beliefs that I needed to change … particularly connected to medical debt we had accumulated for our handicapped son… We have no insurance and I had no idea how I was going to cover it. … By the fall I was determined to get back into shaping my life through greater faith and intentional creation. I was motivated by a quote from Abraham Lincoln: ‘The best way to predict your future is to create it.’

“I started working full time because I was going to do anything to resolve it. Yet, true to form in the hustle to ‘make’ it happen I was slipping back into old belief patterns around money. In January I began to refocus my attention on what I was creating with my beliefs.

“On the first Sunday of March, I was out of town and sitting in church during a testimony meeting. A woman sharing her testimony said that she always wanted to live in the same state as her mother now that she had little kids. She shared that she had the thought to start praying for that even though she didn’t know how it would ever happen. She said there was no way that she could see it would ever happen but she knew she just needed to keep praying for the outcome she wanted. She was able to say that by the end of the year her prayer was answered and her mother lived in her same town.

“Now, it’s not that I didn’t already understand the need for or power of prayer, but I was again working off old beliefs connected to our financial needs. I was still trying to make everything happen instead of ‘putting in my order’ and allowing everything I needed to accomplish my goal to be drawn to me.

“So on March 7th, I began praying, and I fully admitted to the Lord that I did not know how it was going to happen, but I was going to still ask and believe that he would provide the way – that we would be debt free and we would have a three months savings for emergency needs.

“Within 2 weeks, seventy-five hundred of it was paid! My gratitude bloomed and I continued onward with prayers of gratitude and visualization of the outcome and even a specific amount in savings, etc… I can hardly wrap my brain around it, but as off last Friday, the last twenty-thousand is gone!

“This is one of the most immediate miracles I have witnessed in my life…. and I feel like I ‘don’t have room enough to receive it’, it is just overwhelmingly incredible. The immense feeling of gratitude I have is humbling to me, and is much needed in my life.

“Another amazing part of all of this is that the job I got to try and ‘make’ it happen using that income…never even had to be used! The Lord provided it ALL, even the 3 months savings! The very specific amount I visualized and repeated to my mind – in gratitude as though having it before it even had come!

“I don’t ever share this kind of personal information (so please keep my identity confidential if you reference this result ever) but over the last few days I can’t shake the feeling to share with you this experience and to also thank you for the work you do to share and bring this ‘rare faith’ to others! Thank you! Thank you!!!” – Anonymous


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Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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