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Meet Angela Hudson, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate

Angela is a wife and mother with four beautiful children, and is currently building a Kyani business for health and wellness.

Total Points Earned: 303

Q: What was your Phase 1 Inconsequential Goal?

Getting my Team to Win

I actually had been struggling with coming up with a mid term experiment. I would pick one and then loose interest, or pick something logical, but it just didn’t pull on my emotions enough to create it. However, one day my experiment was given to me.

My daughter plays basketball for her school team. Her team is doing very well this season, but had lost one game. Her next game was against another team that was having a great season also, but had lost one game. Normally my husband and I go to her games together, but this time he was stuck at work and I was going alone. The game was an away game for our team and as I arrived, the gym was packed to the rafters with fans. I could feel the tension in the gym as I took my seat. I was nervous and hopeful and jittery. I am not normally too competitive, but for some reason I really wanted to win this game. So as I sat there waiting for tip off, I began to pray. “Heavenly Father, please help these girls to win this game?!” But the answer came back to me, “Don’t you think that everyone in this gym is saying the same thing to me? Everyone wants their team to win. Who am I going to answer? Who wants it more?”

So I immediately began pulling my knowledge from this course and applying it (rather clumsily at first), to helping my daughter’s team win. I started with a visualization. I closed my eyes right there in the gym, with all the swirling energy around me and began to see and say in my mind, “They won!!! They Won!!!” I began to see the team celebrating and cheering for their victory. But then I was stopped once again and the council that came to my mind was this: “That’s a nice picture you’ve painted, but you have no control over those girls. They are not you and you cannot manipulate their experiences, skill or agency for your own desires of winning.” and then again the question, “How are YOU going to help ensure a victory?”

Then it sank in. I, indeed could not make them play at top level, or make their shots sink in the hoop. I could not cause the other team to fail in their equal efforts to win. If I wanted to win, then this experience had to be all about me. So once again, I closed my eyes and began a visualization. But this time it was all about me. I felt a distinct difference in the energy of this creation than the previous visuals I had tried. It was as if a portal of energy opened and I could feel the power of creation working through me. I saw me, myself standing and cheering my loudest, shouting “WE WON!!! WE WON!!!!” I saw myself running onto the court to hug my daughter and tell her good job!! I felt my feelings of victory and excitement, and I kept these with me throughout the entire game. I was only experiencing my own feelings.

The game was neck and neck for almost the entire thing. When I would start to get fearful or nervous, I would ask myself, “What would happen if they lost?” and I would be able to release the tension because the answer was “nothing. Nothing happens if they lose. It’s OK if they lose. Nobody gets hurt or dies. And if they lose, they will learn a valuable lesson because of it. Losing is good too sometimes. So I was able to release the tension I had to God and just enjoy the feelings of winning.

With 3 minutes left, we went on a seven-nothing run and pulled ahead to take home the win!!! I was so thrilled, but had been feeling the thrill of winning for so long, that I was peaceful about it and in balance. It was so amazing!!! I really feel like I genuinely helped with this win!!!

What were your thoughts about marriage/relationships during this course?

I notice in my marriage that as we strive to become one, we are more successful when we honor our individual strengths and do not try to make the other one see/hear/learn the things that we feel they ”should” know/do.

The fact is, God loves our spouses just as much as he loves us/me and He will teach him everything he needs to know to have/give you the life that you are creating. I have seen unbelievable miracles in my marriage when I just let go of any expectation of my spouse. It frees up the energy in our marriage and I find that as I let him go, usually he beats me to the goal. God talks to him differently than he talks to me and my husband learns differently than I do. Usually when I find that I have learned something amazing and new and I try to share it with my husband, he’s says something like, “Oh yeah, I read that book last month and I learned….” and he knows it better than I do and usually teaches me. We don’t have to “do” everything together in order to be equal co-creators. We let go and let God alone with both of us and he brings us to a place of oneness and unity that couldn’t exist if we tried to make it happen ourselves.

What was your Phase Two Meaningful Goal?

It was health goal related to losing weight.

What were your fears around that goal?

Some of the fears I faced were thoughts like: I could never have a treat again, or I have to workout 2-3 hours a day. When I look back now and realize what I was really afraid of, it seems so silly and it’s funny that they were such real fears. When I read them and they don’t even make sense.

Did you Face a Terror Barrier?

YES!!! I have been deathly afraid of weighing in on the scale. I have been trying to lose this baby weight since my last son was born 2 1/2 years ago. (I have had 10 pregnancies in 12 years and my body was exhausted and didn’t want to let go of the baby weight this last time). Getting on the scale seems to be something that has dropped me to my knees in total anguish, more than anything ever has. I had just given this little square box so much power over me and my worth.  If it wasn’t a number that I wanted to see, I would feel the deepest despair I had ever felt in my life…ever. (And I’ve been through some tough stuff). Anyway, long story short…I was quietly prompted to get on that scale right as I was approaching the terror barrier section of the course. It was a wrestle all weekend about getting on that scale. I had started a new workout program so I wondered …has it been helping??? I don’t know….do I want to find out???

Anyway, Monday morning came along and I woke up feeling that intense fear of “should I/shouldn’t I?”  But a calm came over me that gave me courage and I decided to just go for it. When I hopped on, the number I saw was the worst number I have ever seen on the scale. I was 8 lbs higher than my already high number! I was sick to my stomach and immediately felt that “crumble to the ground in despair” feeling. Tears burst out of my eyes and I began to lose it. But as I started to fall to my knees, something amazing happened. A quiet strength that I had never, EVER felt before came over me and said, “you are stronger than this number. Get up and take your power back!” In that moment my heart changed. I have heard similar council from outside sources, mentors, counsellors, motivational speakers etc. But those are always coming from outside of me. This time, it was coming from ME. Me, connected to God with a more developed sense of self and greater power. I was no longer going to lose that power to something that I could smash with a hammer, something dead and clunky.  I was going to give my power to me.

So I immediately stood up. I went out to my children and spent a great morning with them, with a new joy and desire to be the real me. My day wasn’t ruined like it would have been before. And… I finally figured out that I don’t have to wait for weight to leave, I can go get myself back now. It sank in finally that I don’t have to be a victim to pregnancy anymore. So since then, I have happily gotten on the scale 3-4 times a week, just because it’s fun to see that I’m not scared any more and how silly it was for me to be so scared before. I am now trying to get the rest of me back by using the directions that are in the epilogue of the Jackrabbit Factor about weight loss and I am six lbs closer to the real me!!! 6 and counting!!!

What would you tell someone facing their fear?

That it’s never as bad as you anticipate it will be. It’s ok. It’s not as hard as you think.

How did you rank your short term goal on a scale of 1-10 in terms of difficulty? 8

If you had to rank it now? I would put it at a 3/4. It still takes awareness and practice, but it’s flowing and smooth now.

What is the longer-term goal you’re working toward?

My long term goal is to lose 40 lbs to become the person that I see in my mind and the one I know Heavenly Father created me to be. I am still in process, but yes it’s coming and I am having great success!!!  I feel like it’s within reach now and I am steadily getting there. This is huge for me to believe that I can and will do this. I had felt (before this course) that I was powerless to get this goal because of some experiences in my past. But my belief has solidified and I am finding that these principles I was taught are true and that the work is actually in keeping the doubt away. That is where I am putting my effort and as I do this, my belief gets stronger and stronger and what I want is manifesting!!!!  I can now see, completely, what I want and I am no longer entertaining any doubt that I can achieve it!!!

Course Feedback:

Thanks so much for this amazing course!!! It’s been such a blessing to see how much mental energy I was wasting before and what happens when I put it to good use. I feel very present in my life now, yet know that there is so much more awareness to come!!! I’m very excited for to continuation of this journey!  Thank you so much!!!! I’m so excited to have finished this course. I knew I wanted to finish it, but I didn’t think I would be as thrilled as I am today to have completed it.

You have a business that helps people improve their health. If someone wants to work with you, learn from you, and improve their health in the process, where can they learn more?

I do have a website. It’s
Thanks again so much!!!
Love, Angela Hudson

Congratulations, Angela! We look forward to updates as you continue to make progress toward all your goals!


So reader, what’s YOUR story going to be?

I want to see YOU graduate, too!

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