A Washington Nickel

By Steve Dragon

One of the best examples I’ve heard for the Law of Vibration is how an acorn grows. After the acorn seed gets planted, it automatically attracts to it all the minerals and nutrients it needs to eventually grow into a mighty oak tree. It doesn’t attract anything that is not conducive to its growth—nothing it doesn’t need. It attracts and utilizes only the exact stuff that will help it to accomplish its desired result.

I often catch myself thinking about things that I really don’t want in my life: things in the form of temptations that I hold onto for too long, or things associated with bad feelings toward one or more people in my life, or things I’m afraid of or worried about. I’m finding with more practice and greater awareness that I’m getting better at turning those thoughts around. I have frequently considered Richard’s experience in The Jackrabbit Factor when he visualizes in great detail pulling out the nose hair of Randy Mollup. That story helps me to arrest most of my negative thought processes.

When I was working on my inconsequential goal for Mindset Mastery, I tried several different ideas that I struggled a bit with. I wasn’t sure I was really getting the vibrations right and having what I was creating in my mind actually drawn to me and manifested. The last idea I tried I decided to put some extra detail, energy and gratitude into my visualization. So I imagined a shiny silver nickel on the ground in my path. In my mind I picked it up and could see George Washington’s face on the front of it. I felt the coldness of the coin between my fingers. Finally, I felt the gratitude for success that allowed me to progress. I went for a walk that morning and was literally praying the whole way about my weakness in this whole series of exercises, but also about finding a shiny silver nickel with Washington’s face on it, and about the gratitude I felt for every blessing including the one I was about to experience. I did a lot of praying in that 3-mile walk.

Near the end of my walk as I approached home, I saw a shiny silver object about the size of a nickel on the ground. I was immediately excited and grateful as I bent to pick it up—except it WASN’T a nickel! It was a little charm with two elephant caricatures and five hearts on one side and the word “lucky” in cursive script on the other. I literally laughed out loud and said, “Are you kidding me?!” It turned out to be another in a series of lessons in lack of recognition and understanding.

My first thought was that the adversary had something to do with this one because I know there really is no “luck” involved in this process. But as I pondered the experience, I realized that it must have been as close as the wonderfully accommodating unseen help could come to supplying my visualization. I was embarrassed and grateful at the same time when I realized what I had done: Thomas Jefferson is on a nickel, not George Washington! Later that day I recognized even the significance of the word “lucky” on the back. We’re taught in Mindset Mastery that LUCK is an acronym for Living Under Correct Knowledge. What I considered at first to be a somewhat disappointing experience turned out to be one of my most cherished experiences with vibration and co-creation.


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