#6: Belief Breakthrough – part 2


Click here for the downloadable workbook (https://rarefaith.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Leslie-Householder-Class-Visual-Aid.pdf)

In this audio, Leslie speaks to business owners, reviewing The Visual Aid that Changed Everything – the concept responsible for helping her and her husband triple their income in three months.

She explains how to overcome fear, and how the part of your brain that sets the goal is not the same part of your brain that accomplishes it. Too many try to set and achieve goals with the same part of their brain, and it doesn’t work.

She also explains why words are just noise, but vibrations never lie, and why it’s important to understand this. She discusses the difference between your mind being BUSY and THINKING.

The complete video presentation of this concept can be WATCHED FREE here.

Follow-up Action items:

Describe all the things that frustrate you now. Write it out. After you’ve written it out, take note that your description represents your “X” results.

Write a description of how you want things to be instead – in present tense. This new description represents your “Y” results.

Having those identified makes the Stickman illustration MUCH more powerful and meaningful when you go back to review it. You’ll realize that every problem or complaint is just an “X” result – and NONE of the results matter. What matters is what you’re thinking about NOW. What matters is what’s going on in the little thought-cloud. What IS doesn’t matter. But if you don’t want more of the same, focus on what you want instead, and stop giving attention to what isn’t going well.

Another exercise:

List everything that bugs you about the people in your life. Often the thing that bugs us about other people is the same thing that bugs us about ourselves. So think about something you can do TODAY or THIS WEEK to become better in that aspect, personally. As you strengthen yourself in that quality, you will resonate more naturally with people who have that quality. BE the kind of person you want to do business with.

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