#40: When the Principles Don’t Seem to Work

If you are tired of hearing people tell you that you just need to “attract” or “manifest” money, let’s learn how to make those laws really work. When money is tight and it seems impossible to do what you need to do next, it’s time to discover Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters.

During this special podcast, Chris Miles and Leslie discuss the principles in Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters, and how it can help you get over that next hurdle.

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Leslie Householder (award-winning, international best-selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Hidden Treasures, and Portal to Genius) helps families and individuals discover and fulfill their life’s mission – financially unhindered. Leslie always provides plenty of free information that will help you overcome every obstacle, and put you on the right track to achieving ALL of your financial goals.

Chris Miles is a leading authority showing entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate.com, interviewed internationally on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples (www.moneyripples.com) getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results.


ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Rare Faith Podcast, where the solution to every problem is only an idea away, where the same activity with just a little more awareness always yields better results. Award-winning bestselling author Leslie Householder brings some of her best information to this inspiring series of life-changing episodes that you won’t want to miss. Show notes for this episode can be found at ARareKindofFaith.com.

CHRIS MILES: Good morning everyone. This is Chris Miles here. Welcome to the Chris Miles Money Show. This is all about abundance and prosperity and cash flow today. So I am so excited for our guest today that we have, that I’m going to introduce in just one moment.

Before I do, just as a reminder, I just want to remind you to check out MoneyRipples.com where you can see other blogs, events and other tools and resources (both free and paid) and take it to a deeper level. It’s great, I love having you on the show and I’d love to be able to keep serving you in any way, shape or form.

So today we are having a special guest, we have with us today Leslie Householder. I know some of you know her, maybe some of you don’t but let me give you an introduction just briefly of who she is. Leslie specifically is someone I met just back in 2008, so I’ve known her and Trevan, just an amazing, genuine couple.

Now obviously, something you may know about her is she’s the best-selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, also author of Hidden Treasures. This has made great material for study courses and things like that she’s created as well, and also too, she’s been mentored and coached by people like Bob Proctor…

But I’ll tell you from a personal standpoint, I mean as great as she is and as amazing as a person that she is, I’ll tell you from a personal standpoint that you know, she does not disappoint. Like I tell people each and every week when I have guests on here, I don’t like posers. You know, I don’t like people that talk the talk but they can’t walk the walk.

Leslie is someone who is a true person who lives these principles we’re talking about today. She’s someone who really lives those laws of abundance, someone who’s really out there to make a difference and to bless people’s lives, and I’m so honored that she would take the time to be able to be on our show today. So Leslie, how you doing?

LESLIE: Hey, Chris. Thanks so much for having me, it’s an honor.

CHRIS MILES: Oh absolutely. So Leslie, I know the big topic of today is we’re talking about these hidden treasures because there’s definitely these laws of prosperity that are out there and one thing I love on the show is that we talk about principles and then we talk about practical application. It’s always the one-two punch, right?

You’ve got to have both and it’s not just a either-or scenario but I really want to focus on these principles to where they become real and practical because one thing that drives me nuts is when people will just come out and say like “hey, I’m going to manifest a million dollars. I’m going to manifest money into my life” and then they manifest being broke.

You know, they’re always talking about manifesting but they never truly manifest. That’s one thing you bring to the table that’s so great is that you teach people how to be creators especially, and so tell me more about that. What are your thoughts on that?

LESLIE: Well, a couple things, for one thing I like to call it co-creation. I know there’s kind of two different camps emerging in this world of the laws of abundance and this kind of thing, and I can speak from both sides because as I was learning the principles, I had to sift through and kind of interpret what I was hearing into a context that I understood from my upbringing.

And it seems like the two camps of thought are that you can create anything, you can do anything and I believe that is true and I’ve seen those principles work and then on the other side of that, I’ve also learned that there are appropriate times and places to use the principles and not so appropriate times to use the principles. As we are able to use them any time, we can avoid some pain and heartache by being careful how and when we use them.

And this may be too soon to jump into something so deep but it’s a new thought that I’ve had recently and I thought I’d just share it here. The principles of procreation, how children come to the world. There’s appropriate times and places to use that power, and other times and places where it creates a lot of pain and heartache, and so co-creation is the same way.

And so I just want to put that right out there in front, that you’re not going to hear a lot of people talking about when and how to use the principles but that has become my new theme because I have experienced both sides. I’ve seen and felt the pain of using it at times where maybe what I asked for wasn’t necessarily the best thing for me and so man, actually I’m surprising myself that I’m coming out with this so soon in the call but there you have it, Chris.

CHRIS MILES: It’s all perfect. I think that’s true. I mean, there’s laws and there’s principles with everything, and I definitely believe that any principle or law, it can either be used productively or it can be used in a way that’s very destructive too, right?

LESLIE: Yeah, yeah. Definitely, definitely and you know, I think it begins with first discovering and realizing oh my goodness, there is something real to these principles. They really do work, they are true.

I look over my life and the times where I’ve really tried to intentionally change the direction my life was going, and there is a lot of energy that goes into keeping your thoughts in the right place so that you can receive everything that is available to you because we are meant to live abundantly.

All around us nature is showing us that truth is abundance, abundance is truth. Each seed that comes from an apple has the potential to produce many, many more apples in the future. Growth, abundance – that is nature’s way.


LESLIE: But there is also this other force of entropy where things fall into chaos and without intention, without energy put in, that abundance is not going to be realized. Instead our life falls into disarray, our life falls into chaos, our life falls into pain and while struggle is going to always be a part of our life. You know, I never promise anyone that if you just live these principles correctly, you will never have pain or struggle. That’s the Law of Polarity in play.

That’s one of the seven laws that we talked about in the book Hidden Treasures is that there is opposition in all things, and it’s just as it should be. That’s necessary but let me just give you a quick example of how some people have begun to learn about these principles, and then it kind of turns sideways on them and they don’t quite know how to interpret what’s happening.

For example, my daughter when she was in, oh gosh, I’ll say maybe fourth grade. She was really struggling with friends, finding friends, finding friends that would be loyal to her, true friends and we were really having a hard time finding someone that she could really connect with, and be herself with. And she would go to her orchestra class and she said “mom, nobody wants to sit by me, nobody likes me” and she was just allowing herself to think on the images of the experience that she didn’t like.

And I said “you know what, what we need to do here is I want you to imagine what is going to be like to have that friend that you’re looking for. I want you to be careful how you think. Instead of allowing yourself to feel despair and worry about how things are now, let’s get excited and anticipating how you hope things will be. So let’s turn that switch” and so we imagined it and she allowed herself to feel what that’s going to feel like. And she had a prayer before she went to that class that day and you may not be a praying kind of person.

I see prayer as a way to get in alignment, our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions and the Creator of all things, and then like I said, I see it as a co-creative process. I believe that those blessings are available to us more abundantly than we are allowing ourselves to receive them, and so through gratitude for what we expect, we can put ourselves more closely in alignment with that, and so she did.

She went to the class and her first thought was to go sit down next to somebody that she wanted to meet and spend more time with but she had fear and by default, she ended up in the corner chair where nobody would want to go just because she felt safer in that “comfort zone” where she had always been before. Now you see this pattern repeating. We have great intentions, we have an intention to change something. We have an idea that comes to us.

There will always be an idea that comes to you after you set the goal in your mind or heart properly. You know, whether or not you write it down, if the intention is there and the vision for it has been created in your mind, and you allow yourself to feel the gratitude you expect to feel when it comes to pass, then you’re going to get an idea and you think “oh great, I’m going to go follow that idea” but what always comes next is that fear because you’re breaking out. You’re going to face the terror barrier and so she did.

She faced it and she caved, and she went with that in a chair that was always on the side and nobody would ever want to go sit over there because nobody ever had and as she was sitting there, this was the interesting piece. She hadn’t let go of the belief that something might change but she had some fear and she caved to it but while she was sitting there, she looked on her stand and there was this big, ugly spider sitting there and she was like “oh!!”

So she took her book and she tried to brush it away, and it landed in her lap instead and she freaked out. She’s trying to brush it off her lap and finally, she couldn’t see it anymore but she didn’t know where it was and out of fear of the spider, not knowing where it actually was, it moved her to another chair and just as she sat down there, two other girls walked in and flanked her on either side, and started talking with her and she made some friends that day.

And so I just want to bring this back to when we really have this intention to change our life, we picture how things are going to be instead, how we want things to be, we begin that co-creative process and we allow ourselves to feel it, what we expect to feel and we get that gratitude going before it’s happened and really what you’re doing is you’re tricking your subconscious mind into believing that it’s true before it is.

Our subconscious mind can’t distinguish the difference between an experience that is real and one that is imagined, and so if it’s living one in your imagination and it believes it’s true, then it’s going to also move you in ways that you wouldn’t otherwise be moved. It makes you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. I believe that since she had set that intention and applied that faith, that when the negative experience came, instead of just staying there in spite of the spider, it was easier for her to move to an uncomfortable place because staying where she was, was even more uncomfortable.

And so here’s what happens to people when they set a goal for abundance. They set the goal, they believe it, they can see it. They’re excited about it. They get an idea, they move on that idea and they face a terror barrier and whether or not they push through it or even if they cave to it, they have planted a seed and as long as they don’t say “well, I guess this won’t happen. I guess this is impossible” and cast the seed away.

If they just don’t kill the seed then stuff is going to happen. Things come into our life that look like setting the goal has backfired on us. Things get worse instead of better. It’s kind of exciting when you can step back and look at that negative experience as… oh, I wonder how this is moving me to where I need to be to receive what I’ve been asking for? Isn’t that interesting?

CHRIS MILES: Very interesting. Oh, that’s a powerful example, I love that story too. I have noticed in my own life, like I think the thing that’s really frustrating and I know it’s hard to master is that faith. I think the faith is the catalyst that moves us to action, that moves us to walk the path to make those principles become a reality.

It reminds me of an experience I had back in 2006 when I started to learn this a little bit and I was reading books like Master Key To Riches by Napoleon Hill and books like that, and really started to understand because up to that point, I’d really lived an impoverished mindset and I remember that March, I just recently quit being a financial adviser. I said “I’m done, no more money stuff for me” and then I went out to lunch with a few friends.

They’d seen me go through some rough times as a financial adviser and when I did that, I sat down with them, and they said, one of them being kind of sarcastic and a little bit saucy with me, he said “so Chris, are you getting that Mercedes yet?” And I kind of looked him in shock, I said “did I tell you that?” He said “tell you what?” “Did I, did I tell you I was planning to get a Mercedes this July?” Because that’s when my Ford Escort was going to renew, and his face kind of dropped because he was just joking but then he realized I was dead serious.


CHRIS MILES: And it was a very different conversation because there’s a whole new level of faith. Here’s the thing, though. I mean, I was very excited but I had no fruit yet. I hadn’t seen the fruit. I planted the seed but the gestation hadn’t happened and it was still occurring.

Ironically though, it was actually that May, the day that my daughter was born, that I went to my brother-in-law’s; he sold cars. I said “you know what, you want to go on a date?” He said “okay, where?” I said “hey, let’s uh, let’s go shopping for a Mercedes.” “What kind?” I told him I wanted an E-class and he said “Well, why don’t you just buy mine? Oh yeah, I’ve had it for nine months. It just sits in the garage, I only take it out on weekends.”

Of course, the next week, even though I didn’t have the greatest credit, I was able to make things work because I always knew that there had to be a way and I always asked myself “well, why not? Why not could it happen?” As a result, a week later, I had a Mercedes two months early and it was a powerful example of how that manifestation really happens. It can happen very quickly. It does need to be aligned with principle, of course but it’s powerful when you have that level of faith. It’s just amazing what happens when that occurs.

LESLIE: I think everybody really deep down, believes there is something to this.


LESLIE: And you know, I’ve made it something of a mission. It’s funny because I knew there was something to it. I had experienced it in a couple of instances in my life when we found ourselves just so destitute and so impoverished. Like you said, it’s the “down by the river” story but you know, I like to tell people I don’t know, have you ever been this stressed about money that, like I did, I called the police on a kid who broke my broom?

I’ve never met anyone like me and so I think maybe, that’s partly why I’ve really taken this assignment on to help people understand these principles because it took me so long to figure them out and it was so hard for me to figure them out. My husband and I, we attended no less than 100 seminars, trying to crack the code and figure it out.

So what I’ve been able to do is, I don’t just give you that how-to book step by step 1, 2 3, 4, boom, there you are and what’s wrong with you, if you couldn’t make it work. I really connect with people and help them understand all the hundred ways it doesn’t work because to me that is what brings more clarity, more understanding.

Okay yeah, I know I need to write my goals down. Yeah, I know I need to see it, I know I need to visualize it but why isn’t it working? What am I doing wrong? Well, here’s all the ways that I did it wrong and here’s what I learned through those experiences. I just want to shorten that process for people. I don’t want it to take them seven years or more.


LESLIE: You know, and I think about a locksmith and how, what you can learn from a locksmith. You imagine those combination locks that have the dials on them and you have to put each one in place before it’ll spring open.

Every one of us has a certain number of epiphanies that we have to have before that lock will spring open, and just because you have one epiphany, it might not be the final one and for us, it took more than 100 seminars and each one, we got that nugget. Oh my gosh, and so we’d apply what we learned and oh, that taught us what it wasn’t. Over here and over there, and finally it was after that 100th epiphany or however many it was, the lock sprung open and we tripled our income in three months.


LESLIE: And for other people all it is, is one more epiphany and they’re there. I’ve seen it work for people after two attempts and it’s been so frustrating, like are you kidding me, that is so not fair! But I think maybe that’s why we do what we do because it took us so long, and maybe there’s just say, 500 epiphanies that everybody has to have, and some of them were born with 30 of them or 200 of them or the way they were raised, they have 500 minus two and they only need two more.

You know, it’s a path that we can all get on and all can have that final “oh my gosh, it really works and now I know how to steer my life to where I really want it to go!” It just takes each one of us a different amount of time and a different number of epiphanies, and so if this call doesn’t do it for you, stay on the path. It will eventually spring open for you. I have no doubts about that.

CHRIS MILES: Yeah, I definitely second that, as well. It doesn’t always happen in the time that you want but it’s always the perfect timing, isn’t it?

LESLIE: Exactly, exactly and I think if I had, had it spring open too soon for me, I would have had no motivation to put together free books and classes, and things. I tell you if I hadn’t gone through the pain I went through, that when the lights finally turned on, I mean, I was never looking for a career, I didn’t want a career.

I just wanted to be mom and I still am just mom. You know, that’s how I see myself but when the lights finally went on and we broke out of that bondage, it was such an emotional experience for me, I thought I can’t not share this. I can relate to people who are struggling and who are frustrated, and who want to just give up again, and again and again, and just don’t give up. Just take one more step.

There were times where you could see me driving down the road screaming my affirmations, just trying to overcome that, that pull of mediocrity, and of bondage and despair that I had been living in for so long. It’s like launching a rocket. The energy that’s required at the front of it is intense and it’s, it’s so, oh it takes everything you’ve got but once you’ve pulled out of that gravity, it’s the freedom. It’s the soaring and we still have problems, we still have setbacks.

I had some big setbacks about three years ago that really landed me flat and we had to put some pieces back together and we wondered well okay, is everything we’ve been teaching wrong? No, it’s not wrong. We’ve just got to learn some more lessons and you guys get to learn from those lessons so that maybe you don’t have to experience them for yourself, and that’s coming back to what we started with.

There can be some heartache by applying them to things that are not for your highest good and so I hope you connect with me, and read the things that I’ve written so that you can do it right the first time. You know, if you can stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before, you can go farther and faster and with less heartache, and that’s my intention. That’s what I hope for each of you who are listening.

CHRIS MILES: Amen to that. So Leslie, uh I’m going to ask you what’s one thing that you feel that somebody could do, the people listening to this right now that are listening to our show you know, what’s maybe one thing that you feel prompted to tell everybody that they should go and do right now?

LESLIE: At the risk of sounding self-promoting, if you haven’t read it yet, go download the free book no cost the Hidden Treasures – Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters ebook. It’s at HiddenTreasuresBook.com.

I think you’re going to find that if you just read the first chapter, there is an introduction, there is a preface but once you get into the very first law, it’s called the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, the lights are going to go on in your mind as to why things that you’ve hoped for, things that you’ve set goals for haven’t showed up yet, and how they may be closer than you think and that right there can be the hope, that new infusion of hope, that reawakening to hope.

You’ve got to have hope – hope is the poor man’s bread. You’ve got to stay on hope and I found that when I didn’t believe in myself, I could believe in the laws because laws are constant, laws are dependable. Laws are in effect whether or not we believe in them, whether or not we like them. We don’t have to understand them but they’re always in effect like gravity but the more we understand about them, the more we can see them in our minds eye affecting us, the more we can work with them.

We can work with gravity to avoid pain. Okay, I know that it would not be wise to do this or that because of gravity. Oh, it’s a good thing we know gravity exists. Well, there are also the Laws of Aerodynamics that working in concert with gravity can help us stay right where we want to be. It’s just so cool, it’s a fun conversation and so that would be my strongest recommendation is to go read chapter one of Hidden Treasures and if you’ve already read it, read it again. That’s what I would have to say.

CHRIS MILES: Yeah, you’ve made some changes in it recently, right?

LESLIE: Yeah, a few things. Number one, I wrote it 12 years ago and my writing style has changed over the years and I kind of wasn’t promoting it because of pride, because I’m like oh, there’s some real funky grammar spots in there and I know it’s not perfect still. I am not a, what do you call it?

CHRIS MILES: A writer.

LESLIE: A writer. See, see!


LESLIE: Not always the best with words but my heart’s there and my personal experience is there, and I know it’s going to open some things for the readers. And it’s one of those things where you take a look at it again, if you haven’t seen it in 10 years, take another look and you’re a different person than you were the first time, and you’ll see new things that you didn’t pick up on before.

And I think you’re going to see some of those locks, those dials spinning into place and getting ready to spring open for you, and I want to hear those stories as they do. I have a forum where we’ve just got thousands of comments and things, people who are applying these principles and seeing it work and so start there. Just go read chapter one again.

CHRIS MILES: Yeah, I would definitely second that. You know, Leslie I don’t think you knew this but the first time I, I read Hidden Treasures was, no, it was after I met you so I want to say it was around 2008, 2009 which was right in the middle of one of my big messes. People who have heard my story, I was in the hole about $1 million and upside down about $16,000 a month.

You know, it was right about that same time and I’ll tell you I love Jackrabbit Factor but Hidden Treasures for me personally made one of the biggest shifts or transformations for myself, especially where as you start to see those laws, the Law of Relativity, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Vacuum and all those other laws, the Law of Perpetual Transmutation and things like that.

I started to see more and more how when I combined two or more laws together. Like you know, for example putting the Law of Polarity and the Law of Relativity together to be able to form more of the gratitude, have a deeper sense of gratitude which enabled me to be able to get on my situation faster and, and reverse the whole thing and that kind stuff was big for me.

LESLIE: And it all comes down to how we think and what the book does is it helps you know how to think when you’re not sure what to think. When something comes into your life and like oh man, I don’t know what to think about this! Well okay, go pick the law that keeps your head in the right place.

Too often people will use these laws against themselves. Just so you know, this is why I don’t use a vision board anymore – that’s a topic for another day. They work, they’re powerful but I learned that for me and my personality, it kind of backfired on me. I would look at the vision board and it would constantly remind me of what was not in my life and it put me into the wrong thinking, instead of the right thinking.

There’s different personalities that it just flies for them that way but I found other ways that work better for me. It’s the Law of Relativity. When you’re looking at someone who has what you want, some people are motivated by that. For me, it just reminded me of what I don’t have and it put me into a negative place. And so as you read the book, you’ll figure out what works best for you, which laws are best applied for you at different times and it’s a very personal experience.

It’s not so much a step one, step two for everybody because you’re not all starting from the same spot. It’s like me giving you directions to a picnic, go left, go right, walk ten paces. Well, that works if you’re starting in the same location but it doesn’t work if you’re in a different location. And so what my books are intended to do is to help you really tap into that instinct, that inner voice, that inspiration, that genius that takes you from where you are to where you want to be, for who you are and where you are, no matter where you are.

CHRIS MILES: Oh love it! Yeah, you’re right. You know what, I think Leslie, in about a month or so, we need to have you back on because yeah, I definitely, I can concur about the vision board thing. I kind of have the same, same situation myself too so that’s interesting that you brought that up. I was actually going to ask that but now we’re out of time so we won’t cover that today. Um so anyways, Leslie again thank you so much for being on here today.

LESLIE: Oh, it’s been fun. Thank you for having me.

CHRIS MILES: You bet. So everybody again, I would definitely highly recommend you go check out HiddenTreasuresBook.com. That’s Treasures with an s, HiddenTreasuresBook.com. Download that ebook, it’s such a good read so download that.

LESLIE: And you know, I just, I might as well add that it’s only been free for a couple of months. We released it in June for free. It’s the first time it’s been available for free so take advantage of it while it is. I just realized that it was time to set it free and let people learn these principles so they can start putting their lives on track the way they want them to be, and I know it comes back to me in other ways and so I’m just grateful to be able to do that.

CHRIS MILES: Absolutely. No and I, I paid for it, even paying for it was worth it.


CHRIS MILES: Well, awesome. So everybody, thank you so much for joining us this week and make it a prosperous week, and we’ll talk to you later. Goodbye.

LESLIE: Goodbye.

ANNOUNCER: This concludes today’s episode of the Rare Faith Podcast. You’ve been listening to Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal To Genius and Hidden Treasures – Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters. All three books can be downloaded free at ARareKindofFaith.com. So tell your friends and join Leslie again next time as she goes even deeper into the principles that will help you change your life.

Leslie Householder

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