#14: Portal to Genius Class

I was asked to speak at a conference on the topic of my book “Portal to Genius”. The following audio is the recording of my class. Links are provided below to resources or media mentioned, which were not visible on the audio.

Based on the award-winning, best selling book by the same name, and the premise that the solution to EVERY problem is only an IDEA away, this class explores the principles that lie at the foundation of EVERY personal (emotional, financial, social, physical, mental and spiritual) breakthrough.

Finally! You don’t have to worry about feeling stuck ever again. There is a simple and dependable formula for accessing genius (aka inspired) solutions that will keep you moving forward with confidence. Now you can discover and fulfill your life’s mission with greater clarity, and gain the confidence you need to overcome every obstacle you may face (now and in the future) on your way to achieving your highest God-given potential.

Download the book Portal to Genius free at www.portaltogenius.com

Topics addressed:

– Jackrabbit Factor slideshow – watch at jackrabbitfactor.com/movie
– Doing what they did so you’ll have what they have?
– When everything goes backwards instead of forwards
– Science without religion (Einstein)
– Free ebook available at: hiddentreasuresbook.com
– Mongolian missionary story
– Mexican fan palm analogy
– It’s not about how strong your belief is, it’s what you do with doubt
– Choosing to believe
– Relying on atonement of Jesus Christ when we fall short of the law
– What to think when you don’t know what to think
– Native American canal system analogy
– Spider story
– Can you say, “Thank you Lord, I don’t know why this is good for me”?
– Clock gears analogy
– Surfer wisdom – shark bait
– Learning to swim because you were thrown in
– My son on oxygen – learning to relax
– More stories on blog at www.ararekindoffaith.com
– Combination lock analogy
– Stickman video – https://portaltogenius-747ead.pages.infusionsoft.net
– What I needed, how He helped (journal idea)
– My secret weapon for combating overwhelm


Announcer: Welcome to the Rare Faith Podcast, where the solution to every problem is only an idea away and where the same activity, with just a little more awareness, always yields better results. Award-winning, best-selling author, Leslie Householder, brings some of her best information to this inspiring series of life-changing episodes that you won’t want to miss. Show notes for this episode can be found at ararekindoffaith.com

Leslie: Welcome to the Portal to Genius Class. Some of you have already heard me say this, but I’ve been on a sabbatical for about 3 years, and so this is the first weekend, really coming back, and I’m especially excited to share some of the things I learned on my sabbatical. How many of you have read The Jackrabbit Factor, which is the book before Portal? Anybody? My cousin (laughing), cool. Then I’m curious.  Why are you here? What about this class intrigued you? This is interactive… What’s that?

Student 1: Cause I was in the other class.

Leslie: Because you were in the other class. And you want more of that, right? Why else? I mean really, why are you here? (inaudible speaking)

Leslie: What’s that?

Student 2: Someone else said it was really good.

Leslie: OK, someone else told you to come.

Student 3: Cause I missed the other one.

Leslie: Cause you missed the other one.

Student 3: And I’m hoping I get…(inaudible)

Leslie: By mistake. (laughing) Oh, too late for you. Sorry. (laughing)

No. If you missed the other class, just go to hiddentreasuresbook.com and download it for free, and that’s… There’s a piece of the class that’s not in the book, but by downloading it, you’ll be connected with me and you can ask for it, or it will eventually come to you because I have some follow up messages that lead you to it.


The reason I do what I do, in a nutshell, is that when my husband and I got married in 1991, eons ago, I had this image of what married life was going to be and it just wasn’t quite what I had pictured. Because I wanted to be a stay at home mom and my husband, we had decided before we were married that that was the picture for our family. And it was mutually agreed and, great, we’re on our way. Well, we, at the time were only, between the two of us, making about $1,000 a month. This was not the 1950’s…. but we had faith and we believed that as long as we just did the things we were supposed to do, that we believed were part of following God, that everything would work itself out. Right? That’s the formula.

So, when the baby came along, after a year, I decided that I was gonna stay home from work, because that’s what we decided; even though by then we were only making about $1200 a month between the two of us. So we decided I would stay home from work, and I just did. It was a leap of faith; the Lord would provide. After a year of this stress of bouncing checks all the time and, bills, late payments, medical problems, and depression, and postpartum, and everything, it was a huge shock to my system. Then after a year of this my husband lost his job on top of it. I was forced back to work. Now I’m forced to go back to work. I’m dropping my baby off and picking him up again, only seeing him in the dark. To see my own child in daylight hours was only a weekend thing, and it was depressing.  We had some older friends who had raised their family, and were like grandparents to our kids, and they recognized that we could use a bit of mindset training. Some of the problems we were having could be avoided if we had a different mindset, for example: If you get a late notice from the bank, should you be angry at the bank? How many of us get angry at the bank? It’s reactionary, instead of choosing your thoughts. Seven more years of this and things didn’t change. First time in my life, I wondered if there was even a God. I had always known there was someone there for me until seven years of this, and I thought ‘I don’t even know what’s true anymore!’ Be good and ye will prosper. Where did that go?

Another challenge would show up. The car would break down. One thing after another. I didn’t know what to think about this. What am I supposed to think? Deep down, there was a piece of me that knew if I could just think right about this, everything would work itself out. I look back on that as some kind of genius inspiration of a concept because how did I know that if I could just think right, it would work out. I believe the Lord planted that seed in my heart so that I would have a radar up for the answers when they came.

Like I said, this other couple saw that we could use some mindset training and invited us to go to some seminars with them, and In seven years we attended about a hundred different motivational seminars, personal developement, rallys, reading books,  I would always come away thinking things would change, so excited! I’d write down nuggets and think I just need to do this or that. The common thread was picture what you want, or dream big. But, hearing that for seven years it starts to get old. I was asking, “What do I say to the prospect? How do I get the sale? How can I be most effective?”

They’d say, “Picture what you want.”

I’d say, “OK, but what do I do?”

They’d say, “Picture what you want.”

I wasn’t hearing it. Finally, I hit a wall, and I escaped into my brain because I couldn’t be happy anywhere else. I just thought I’d escape if I couldn’t get what I want, and live it in my head, and in the back of my mind, I was hearing, “you are so pathetic, Leslie, has it come to this?”.But I started picturing what I wanted to see what it felt like. A year later, we were living what I pictured.

Two years later I began to understand these principles. I wrote The Jackrabbit Factor which is a book that takes the principles from your head to your heart through an experience. Go to Jackrabbitfactor.com is a free download. One man credited it with getting the world’s best job out of 34,000 applicants. Did anyone follow the reality show a few years back about The World’s Best Job? The World’s Best Job was to be an ambassador for tourism in the Great Barrier Reef, on a paradise island, for six months, and your job is to all the tourist attractions and blog about it, for six figures. 34,000 people applied for that job. The man who won was from England, Ben Southall, and he  was on Canadian National News and he said he did what the Jackrabbit Factor book told him to do and he got the job. What it tells you to do is really not complicated. You can read the book in one sitting. Its a fun read. The idea is that you will see life differently when you’re through reading the book.

After I wrote that, we were doing well, and we started invested the money in some different places, and just about lost everything. Try being the Jackrabbit Lady when that happens. I thought, Oh my goodness! This can’t happen to me. I’m supposed to teach people how to prosper. People were emailing me with all their wonderful success stories and praising The Jackrabbit Factor, every week more of them coming in. Now I was thinking, “OK, but when did I get my dream again?”

I started feeling  jealous of my readers who were having success. I thought, I don’t know what happened to me! I couldn’t make it work anymore. I even thought maybe I should pull the books off the shelf and make a public apology. The little voice in my head said, “keep teaching. You don’t make the principles true or false by how well you are living them.”

I’m not one of those speakers who can’t wait to go out there and talk to people.  I’m a mom with seven kids and that’s where I love to be, yet because of the change that happened to us when we finally got it, when the light finally went on, and I finally understood what I had done to make those changes, I couldn’t not share what we had learned. I knew there were a lot of moms who wanted to be home with their kids; I knew there were a lot of other people with missions to fulfill, and they were strapped and couldn’t go there, and I thought, let’s solve that problem so we can complete the mission we were here to do. I was compelled. If I had solved the problem early on, before it was really, really painful, I would have been content, and thought, great, let’s move on. But because it was so long in coming, when it finally came, I couldn’t be satisfied to just live it and enjoy it. I had to share it!

After we lost about everything, I thought, ‘Man. What am I learning now?’ And what I learned through that process; all of our money was gone, we had to sell our home, using credit to hold it together, and it was so stressful, but we had a mentor who was teaching us a formula. Garrett Gunderson, author of Killing Sacred Cows, taught us that financial capital is a byproduct of relationship capital and mental capital. So, when money is low, most people go after the money. They focus on money. But the money is just a byproduct. So, when there is no money, and you have no other choice, build relationship or mental capital; serve someone or learn something. When we were dried up, we couldn’t figure out where to get the money, but we could serve someone. We could build a relationship with someone. Those were the things we focused on, and when we did, then the money started coming again.

Here is just a summation of the principles of The Jackrabbit Factor  so you have this foundation, a quick little slide show.

Go here and watch the slide show: http://jackrabbitfactor.com/movie/

The story itself is much more involved than this snippet, but it gets the point across. What my husband and I were doing all these years was that we would go to the events and seminars, read the books, etc. and they would say, “If you do  learned that if you do this, this, this you can have what we have. Why did they do what they did? They did them because they had a vision for what they wanted. What we were doing was jumping and barking, thinking that would produce a rabbit. Business vs productive. To be productive, you have to form an image in your mind for the goal achieved. What does it look like after it’s done? The house look. Your body when it’s healthy. Your relationship when it’s good. Get the vision for what that looks like? That gets you in the mental state to know what to do to achieve it.  How does it feel when that is accomplished. Then you’ll know what to do to achieve it.

Einstein said the significant problem we have can’t be solved at the same level of thinking we had when we created them. The solution exists but not on your level of thinking. If the guy were to picture the wall with a circle peg and a circle hole imagine how grateful he’s going to be when it’s done. When you picture something done, it’s like pretending it’s done, and then your body has a physiological response because your body thinks it’s already happened. You put yourself on a different level of thinking. Different radio stations. 98.7 in the car. If you want to hear 98.7 do you have to be in the car? Is it in this room? Is 101.3 in this room? Sure. Is there any station that isn’t in this room? NO, they are all here. The solution to every problem is only an idea away. There are thought frequencies just like different radio stations. There are different levels of thinking.

Say you walk outside and see a kid has broken your broom in half. If you’re on a lower frequency, what would you do? Call the cops? I did that at the end of 7 years of hearing I could do what I want and think big. We were trying to build a people business. Are you going to be doing well if you call the cops on a kid who broke your broom? No. When a challenge showed up, I responded on that low level. It wasn’t until I gained higher awareness that I would have a situation occur and I didn’t have negative responses. How you think and respond is going to determine what your life looks like next year. How do you respond to your challenges. Your answer is in this room. Your solution is in this room right now and if you don’t know what the solution is, it’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s that your thought frequency needs to be elevated to where it is. Then it will come to you like a spark. Portal to Genius.

If you’ve read Jackrabbit but not Portal. Richard and Felicity are feeling hopeful at the end of Jackrabbit. How many felt hopeful after an event, but what happens on Monday? Reality hits. In Portal, it’s a free download, on Monday Richard goes to work so excited about their dreams, and that day he receives a reduction in pay. Now they’re thinking right, and the right things should start showing up. Now it’s the opposite. That’s reality. Everything goes backwards instead of forwards. That means you’re on the right track. There is a slide with a spider on it, and you’ll get the conclusion to this key. We tune in to better solutions. Agree there are multiple solutions to every problem? Good, Better, Best. I want to know God’s thoughts and the rest are details. If you want the best solution, get it directly from God. Some people believed Einstein became an Athiest. He said science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind. He saw that the two together are very powerful. As you’ll see in my free books, there are laws that govern everything. Natural laws. Sometime we align with those laws and have success but we don’t know what we did. That’s what I’m talking about. Hiddentreasures.com teach you the laws that govern prosperity. There are laws that as you respond to your challenges you can expect to prosper by law. That is my invitation for you. The solution is only an idea away.

If you’ve got something to write on, what is your most pressing dilemma. Do you have a challenge you want to overcome so you can reach your goal. If it’s a relationship, what do you see happen to make it good? Is it difficult to see it accomplished, instead of seeing how it is nwo? Are you able to shift it and see it accomplished? How many of you felt a little bit of what you expect to see when it is. Was it hard to do? Hard to decide what to focus on. Hard not to go into solving. Thinking can be hard work.

If you were able to feel something new, or different, rather than stress about what is, then you have tuned the dial on your radio to a higher thought frequency. As you allow yourself to stay there, you’ll be ready when that spark comes. Did anyone get a new thought they hadn’t considered before?  

Just get out of the way.

Resign as manager of the universe.

A deck you hadn’t thought of before.

It’s interesting. When I named my first daughter, I invented Kaylee. Did you invent Kylee? It’ interesting to know the solution already exists, it’s only as far away as an idea. You don’t need the money, you need the idea that will give you the money. If you never run out of ideas, will you always have the resources to do what you need to do? It’s all a mind game. We are all human and mortal, because sometimes I can’t figure this piece out and will push it. I hear in my head to stop and picture it. I don’t have time! I can be stubborn. And sometimes I can’t do it because it is exhausting. But that’s a tool that’s available to you in any picture. Stop. Picture it. Proceed. The significant problems we face can’t be solved in the same place where you put it there. I want to know God’s thoughts. Let’s read his word. Would that put us on a higher frequency?

Here’s an interesting thought. When I had that day I imagined a house of our own. Walking in with groceries. Kids walking in to runaround. No dead ends. I’m picturing this and get a smile on my face. It’s because I knew I’d released those endorphins and that was a physiological response. The key is to not doubt. Plant the seed but not cast it out with your doubt. It’s not just about the ideas you get. You tune into that frequency and it might be someone else who gets a spark that will help you. For example, I’m on a FB group called Missionary Mamas and one young man, Russ, was at an airport after he’d served his mission. He thought he should charge his phone while he waited and went to the first kiosk and it was full. Several were all being used. Finally found one that was open. Then he heard a young lady who was visibly upset. Trying to explain in another language. He recognized Mongolian. He called a friend who spoke Mongolian and asked if he would help. She started talking and then burst into tears. She’s hysterical. She gets everything settled and his friend is crying. Turns out this John, who translated, had taught and baptized this woman and her family on a mission. She was on her way to the MTC to serve a mission herself. I am so amazed and grateful that God cares enough about each of us as his children to orchestrate the help we need in ways that are so miraculous that we can’t say that was just a coincidence. When it’s that mysterious and uncanny, who else can you give the glory to? The unseen help is available to all of us always. There are natural laws that have to be aligned to have those blessings. We align sometimes without knowing we have. We may not recognize them when they’re happening. Once I learned this principle, casting out doubt, I thought, well, i’ve got this one bedroom that could use a headboard. In my head, I needed this headboard. What i pictured was some big chunky headboard. We were living paycheck to paycheck and I applied the principles. It doesn’t replace prayer. I used to pray for money to save us from some experience. I was picturing what I didn’t want. God told me to picture it right. God teaches us what His ways are. He gives us clues. We think we have to beg and plead for what we need and be so penitent. No, we don’t. Just align and believe and ask. Ask and ye shall receive.

When i started praying and preparing myself to pray by picturing what I wanted to create, and reflecting back on all the times He had blessed me before, and what I had going for me now, and allowed myself to think what it could be like, and feel the gratitude, and then ask, this picture is a seed sprouting out of stony ground. When I pictured my home, I planted a seed and as long as I didn’t doubt, it was developing. The law of perpetual transmutation says everything is an ocean of motion and as we believe, it comes together. I sure hope so. Just hang on to that until it comes together. It’s not about how strong is your belief, it’s how quickly do you cast out the doubt when you believe it. I planted the seed with my house. I didn’t even know I’d done anything, but I had lined up with the laws. For the next year, as it was coming together, did I wonder? I had no doubt because I didn’t know I had done anything. That seed grew on its own. I was not what I thought I had to be to achieve the success. How good are you at believing and pretending, or disciplined at not casting out doubt. When you feel the doubt, you must choose to believe. You have agency. You think you’re only going to believe if you know it could happen. Whether or not it happens is how you think about it. Choose to believe. It may not happen,but i choose to believe. It takes practice. It’s hard. It’s not what happens, it’s how you think about what happens on every level, on every point.  That’s what the atonement is all about. What do you do when you think doubt, fear, or impatience.

I choose to believe. Back in ancient days when native americans lived in Arizona they built canal systems that took water from all over, but they didn’t open the water until all trenches were dug. Take action when you have doubt to prepare for the flow. We needed more money. We set goals. How do we keep doubt away. Work on the website. Dig the trench.

You tell yourself a lie long enough to believe it. Money comes to me frequently … the more I told myself that, the more I was conditioning myself and putting myself on a higher frequency. The man in the airport didn’t have the goal to help with the translation, he only had the goal to charge his phone, but he was inspired to be where he was so that he could help someone else.


Spider lady. My daughter Kaylee was in 3rd grade and joined orchestra at school. She’d sit by herself because she was on the outside. I asked how it would feel to have more friends. I taught her how to pray for more friends, to believe and choose. Try sitting in another chair. You’re putting yourself in another chair. She sat in another chair to hopefully get more friends, but she got fearful.  She went back to the original chair. As she sat there, and others came in, she noticed a spider on her music stand. She shook it but it fell next to her. She moved because of the spider. God didn’t send her a friend, he sent her a spider, and where she ended up, two girls came in and sat on either side. She had a great day. It was a victory for her. He answered her prayer not how she asked, but with the spider.

What spider has showed up in your life so you can receive what you’re already asking for? You ask, you hope, and what happens is that it’s opposite instead. You see this awful thing, and in your choice how to think about that, do you think that’s all wrong, and I set this goal, and this showed up instead. No, everything is just right. You say wow, this is interesting. The sooner you can drop to your knees and say Thank you, Lord, I don’t understand how this is good for me, but it must be, and I choose to believe that whatever we co-create is on its way.

Clocks with all their gears interlocking. Imagine you’re a bug on this side of the gear. You can jump from gear to gear. You know you want to be here, but you lock down, and it’s grinding on you instead of riding it and letting it spin you. Regardless what is going on, choose to believe that somehow it is taking you where you want to be. Instead, the friction becomes traction.

Another thing about adversity, there’s a surfer who has a goal to get to the shore and it’s the turbulence of the water that can drown or propel him. The turbulence is what propels him. We want to sit easy, have no turbulence, and this is what i call shark bait. When you are feeling this in your life, spinning, crashing, enjoy it. I still have a hard time enjoying it, but when I think where this turbulence is taking me it depends on where you’re focused. The surfer is going down the pipe. Making sure it’s working for your benefit, close your eyes and picture it solved. Picture coming home and having a big hug with your spouse saying Isn’t it amazing how this all worked out. We got through that. Look what we learned. That was worth it.  I’m imagining some story of what I want to feel on the other side of this. Sometimes it’s just doing a High Five with someone. Take a minute and visualize it.

Now remember this picture. What you pictured is right here. And that’s where you stay focused while this is crashing. It will take you where you want to go. When there is fear or anxiety…did you ever learn to swim because someone threw you in? If you’re trying to teach someone how to swim and they’re in fear, you tell them to relax. If they don’t they will sink. God is teaching us a principle here. When you’re letting yourself be tense, anxious or fearful, you will sink and it’s not because someone’s not there to rescue you, it’s because you are living in anxiety. Relax. Teach them to float, and then breathe. Take a deep breath. My son had open heart surgery at 4 days old. We carried oxygen around. I asked the doctor what the oxygen did. He had high blood pressure before he was born. Oxygen is a relaxant. She said, if you were to put a muscle in a test tube with oxygen, it would relax. Breathing helps you float and relax. Keep your chin up. If you’re drowning and look down, you’ll sink. Keep your chin up. Be optimistic. I’ve got more than 200 entries on my blog. After we wrote the Jackrabbit Factor and went through these experiences, it came to me how I should coach myself. As far as patience goes, this kind of a lock can have any number of dials on it. Every one of them has to be in place to open. I look back on 7 years of seminars and how each one gave me a nugget. I was looking for evidence, and once I saw no evidence of change, I doubted. Then it stopped coming. When we finally got the last piece into place and the lock sprung open, our income doubled in three months. Our combination lock had 100 springs on it. All of them had to be in place for it to open. Others could go home and triple their income, but we couldn’t. We had more dials to be in place. Everyone’s “final one” unlocks it for them. It took us a lot longer.

Did anyone get an epiphany today? It’s there. It’s in place. If things don’t chane for you tomorrow, you’re still closer. One day when you get that last one, it will spring open.

When you picture what you’re trying to accomplish you will get ideas. I was trying to solve a problem and along came a new one. I felt I couldn’t do it. The thought that came to me was get out a journal and write down on this side anything that you just can’t do on your own. It’s out of your control anyway. It might be a relationship. I wrote down what I needed on the top.  I wrote what I needed on the left. It was a prayer on paper. Things out of my control. That Mongolian story. People I can help. I don’t know but I believe God can orchestrate. On the other side, I put “How He Helped” and the date when I saw how his hand operated in my life. Now I have to write the date and the time because some happen so quick

I was already overwhelmed and my son wanted me to help him find a job. He had goals to earn a certain amount by a certain time. Manual labor. I wrote it down. I needed help finding Nathan a job. I didn’t have time to physically do it. Within 20 minutes my brother in law called and wanted to know if Nathan was available to help redo a bathroom. I couldn’t deal with it but I needed help. I put it in the book. I would do this on my own if I could, but I was overwhelmed. I know as we acknowledge His hand in all things and then we realize we have unseen help to orchestrate all we need.

Go get your free download of Jackrabbit and Portal. Thank you for coming and enjoy the rest of your day.

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