Today’s Economic Issues – Prosperity Lost?

While the masses are watching the news with white knuckles, there are still others who view these historic events with an uncommon peace of mind.

The fact is, that every adversity has the seed of equal or greater benefit. By the law of Polarity, the tougher the challenge, the more incredible the opportunity. Not everyone will suffer the same through these national, or even global, challenges. Even during the depression, not everyone struggled. There are going to be a lot of people who actually thrive during this economy… and they aren’t typically the ones who are looking for the right advice by watching the 10:00 news.

How we choose to react to circumstances will always determine how well we fare in the long run. Remember, the very poor think day to day, the poor think week to week, the middle class think month to month, the rich think year to year, and the very rich think decade to decade.

The longer-term vision you have, the easier it is to endure the short-term blips in the road.

So how should you live out your day, today? How do you deal with the concern that the entire economy may be on the verge of disaster? The answer: do your best in the moment at hand to be solution-focused. All you have is now, and if your mind is set on long term results, you’ll be more inclined to come up with the right solutions to the concerns that are on your mind today.

I think of New England’s Dark Day of 1780, when the sun went dark for hours, and many feared that it was the end of the world. With only primitive communication methods, the cause of the darkness was inexplicable, and stirred up fear in the hearts of devoutly religious men who concluded that they were very possibly, about to meet their Maker.

A member of the legislature in Connecticut, Abraham Davenport, addressed his colleagues’ concerns, communicating his position that whether it was the end of the world or not, he could not say. But what he did know was that he had a duty to perform, and rather than coil back in fear, he chose to meet his Lord face to face, confidently carrying out the duty he knew was his responsibility to perform in that moment.

He intended to simply let God perform his work, and he would simply press forward with his own duties. His words to the men were that they must carry on, even in the darkness, and told them to thus “bring in the candles.”

So whether this is the beginning of the end for America or not, I have a duty to perform here and now, and so do you. Though darkness swirls about us, we must bring in the candles and press on, no matter what. Stay focused on your own personal victory, and as you let those images fill your mind (rather than the possible economic train wreck that has not quite fully happened), you’ll be entitled to discover the God-given solutions, custom-designed for you and your family.

The last thing we need is for the collective masses to be picturing disaster and adding emotion to those images. Nevertheless, I cannot control everyone’s thoughts, so the best thing you and I can do is to control our own. I believe that is the best way to fare through the challenge. What other apporach could yield anything better?

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