The Law of Gestation

By Robyn Young

I’m intrigued by the process of bringing a dream into fruition. The more I consider it, the more I’m reminded of my pregnancies. I see so many parallels! It’s no coincidence that we call it the “law of gestation.”

In the early stages of being pregnant, I experienced (as most women do) some morning sickness. YUCK! While I didn’t feel completely nauseated all the time, there was a constant discomfort that stuck around for weeks as my body adjusted to the new state it was in. Some days, it took real commitment to my unborn child to be thankful for my condition because of the pain I felt!

At some point in all of my pregnancies, the illness subsided, usually before I could feel the baby moving. I got to where being pregnant wasn’t the only thing on my mind, because there wasn’t a constant physical reminder of my condition. It didn’t make me any less pregnant, and it didn’t mean that gestation had stopped. But it was no longer painful in the way it had been in the beginning. My body was getting used to this new state. When I finally felt the baby move my impending motherhood became very real. Every day I was more certain of the reality of what I could not see.

The day finally came to deliver my baby, and I was completely engaged in my labor mentally and physically. There was only one thing on my mind! It was a lot of work, on every level, where earlier on in the process, I had been a rather passive participant-my baby grew arms and legs whether I was actively thinking about it or not. But when the time for my physical exertion came, there was no mistaking it!

Giving birth to my dream has followed a lot of the same stages. In the beginning there was pain–the pain of change, and of my body and consciousness adjusting to the new ideas being planted in my subconscious mind. Once the ideas took hold in my subconscious, I expected the physical aspect of work to show up immediately. That didn’t happen at all. In fact, most of the work has been in my head! I often felt passive, even helpless, because the time for my physical action had not arrived. I wondered over and over if all my thinking about my goal was really doing anything. When I did my best to think according to the laws I had learned and the physical aspect of “work” still wasn’t showing up, I wondered if I was missing something. Had I mistakenly ignored a bit of inspiration somewhere along the way?

In retrospect, I see how important that stage was! Some days it felt like because I wasn’t “doing” anything, I must not be working toward my dream. That is as false as saying that because I didn’t look or feel pregnant during the “passive” part of the pregnancy that I was no longer expecting. That time was critical to the development of my baby during my pregnancies. And in pursuing my dream, that time has been critical in preparing me to receive what is coming to me.

I have finally reached the “work” point with my dream. It’s like finally being in labor after waiting for months (almost nine months, coincidentally) for the dream to become my reality. There were days-weeks!-after the initial excitement and discomfort when I wondered if anything was really happening. Could repeating my goal over and over (and over!) really be the “work” that was required of me at the time? It was. I struggled with that. Surely, there must be more for me to physically DO to bring this to fruition! The answer to that concern was, yes, there is, but not yet. When the time for action came, I knew it. I worried that I wouldn’t recognize it, but when you’re waiting with such great anticipation for something you already love so much, you know when it’s time. And just as I didn’t deliver my babies without help, the assistance I’ve needed with my dream has been there, too. And the closer I get to the realization of the dream, the more help comes my way.

The gestation of my dream is nearly complete. I am more certain now of the reality of my dream than ever before. And the feeling I anticipate when that “baby” is finally born? Sweet satisfaction.


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