The Science of Receiving

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Hi! My name is Leslie Householder. You’re going to love this ebook. Let me tell you why…

After seven long years of financial struggle and attending more than 100 seminars on personal and business development to fix the problem, we finally learned some simple truths from our mentor Bob Proctor that made all the difference. By applying our new-found knowledge, we tripled our income in three months.

Energized by our transformation, I trained with the legendary Bob Proctor to facilitate his programs.

However, as a busy mom of 5 children at the time (with another one on the way), I felt a pressing need to share my own story in a book. I felt duty bound to pass along the wisdom we had gained, but needed to take some time away from the seminar circuit.

That’s when my award-winning best seller The Jackrabbit Factor was born. Eventually, there became a growing demand for the seminar that inspired it.

So I returned to the classroom and began conducting live events on the Science of Getting Rich. But again, eventually I needed a way to bring balance back to my business and family life. Thus, the Science of Getting Rich Study (Leslie-style) made its debut.

I’ll always be grateful to Bob for all we learned from him. We traveled the country, from Tahoe to Phoenix, Las Vegas to Chicago and more, to follow him and listen to his wisdom. It changed our life. He showed us first hand how the information in the book by Wallace Wattles is valid. I’ve seen the fruit in our own lives, and in the lives of those I’ve taught myself since 2000.

I’m grateful the information continues to change thousands of lives, even millions, since the original book was written in the nineteenth century. I’m honored to assist in the ongoing flow of major breakthroughs that it continually inspires for people just like you.

Now that it’s 2022, it’s time to present a modified version of The Science of Getting Rich, which I call The Science of Receiving.

I created this version and use it as part of our curriculum for the 12-month coaching program: Achieving the Impossible.

As the principles presented in Wattles’ book are applicable to ALL areas of life – wealth, health, relationships and more – I modified it in some places to replace ‘getting rich’ with the broader topics of ‘prospering’,  ‘living abundantly’ or ‘receiving openly’ the things we want and need. Adjustments will be indicated with an underline, so you can know what changes were mine.

I think you’ll find the modifications preserve the author’s original intent, while contributing powerfully to helping you experience the results his book promises. Out-of-date, irrelevant, or less significant points (secondary to the core message), were left intact. Enjoy!

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