Rare Faith – When I have a choice…

I choose my dream.

When I have a choice – I choose my dream

Hi Reader,

I am excited to introduce you to Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, Heather Backman!

Heather is one of our Rare Faith facilitators, but for now, she and her husband with their 5 young children are traveling the world for twelve months, doing the Worldschooling curriculum, and documenting all of their successes, challenges, and experiences through their YouTube channel. …. (Read more here…)



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“I am so freaking excited at further applying the laws and launching my family into all the places I promised my wife, but was not able to perform on. I have a lot to return and report before mortality is done and I know it will all come from application of the laws. Thank you so much Leslie! … your work is so amazing. I thank God you listened … That you acted on the inspiration he gave you. Your blessed work has blessed me beyond compare. I know this is a business, but I feel your work is a holy calling and you are a good and faithful servant … All of my heart is grateful for you and the journey you have shared with me and so many others. Ps. We have not seen anything yet….” T.W.

“I opened this article up today and just had to ask: ‘How did you know I am fasting this weekend for peace about how difficult things are on the world?’ I realize this was written in 2008 and it is so applicable now in 2022. Thank you so very very much for sending out this link again. I’m humbled by this quick answer to prayer and am so grateful for these words of hope. …

[earlier] “Thank you for your hard work in helping so many come closer to Christ. This morning I’m reviewing my notes in your book Hidden Treasures. They are giving me hope and comfort and we continue to do all we can to move towards a big change in our family. It’s feels daunting yet your words, the scriptures quoted and quotes from others are giving me the peace of mind I need. …Thank you again for all you and your team do. I’m so grateful.” Brigitte


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What will you discover next?

Dare to Dream (podcast)

I waited 10 years to share this story. This was recorded in 2019. If you haven’t heard it yet, enjoy. 🙂
Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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