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What are the Odds?

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Fun story The radio personnel probably thought she was a brat. Regardless, she received a message back from KSL giving her their phone number and told her to call them…

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Preparing for a Miracle

What an interesting chain of events since my last post.

I’ve been wondering how I could possibly capture it properly.

I think it’s time to give more details around my thought processes. I’ve been keeping a private record of my thoughts, so that when this is all over I can go back and trace the effects of my thoughts on the outcome. Sharing too soon runs the risk of having my thoughts challenged, and – if I’m not feeling particularly strong – potentially rendered less effective.

But I believe that what I’m sharing today has had an impact on what we’re seeing now in Round 4 (part 2)…

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Mindset Mastery Self-Paced – start any time! View the Google Calendar here.

“I set a goal by the end of the day to find a quarter that was tails up. I really worked on envisioning what it felt like to have the quarter in my hand and then went about my day. Throughout the day I would think about it some and it was interesting that I had to work on rejecting ideas like ‘this is a silly exercise’ or ‘this won’t work, you should have chosen something easier like a penny’.

“At the end of the day I became distracted with work and was stressed out about something with work and this exercise took a backseat. I did not complete my goal by the end of that day but the next day I decided to do it again and I really was optimistic, positive and I had the thought and feeling like ‘if other people can do this, so can I’.

“I really started to believe that I would find a quarter tails up and I got excited about how I would share this experience with someone who is close to me. As I was driving down the road I thought, ‘I should try to find something like a penny or another round object in my car that I can use to get a better sense of feeling the quarter in my hand. I then moved some business cards from my middle console to look for something like that.

“As I did so the first thing I saw was a quarter with the tails side up. I usually never have change in my car unless it is a penny and I was so excited. I really believe this works and I am excited to continue to use it in the future!” – Nick Stratton, Genius Bootcamp, Mindset Mastery and Miracles Made Simple

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Making “Cents” out of Setbacks (Podcast)

Are you weary of the fight? Has ‘quitting’ ever crossed your mind? You’re closer to succeeding than you probably know. Let me take the lid off your mind and show you how to view your challenges in a whole new light, so you can turn them into some of your greatest assets. Identify and access the hidden benefits contained in your adversities.
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