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Want to see one simple diagram that was responsible for helping us triple our income in three months?

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Achieving the Impossible – Case Study

“When I first started Leslie’s program Achieving The Impossible, I wanted to apply myself to all the concepts and laws that Leslie taught at a deeper level. I wanted to see how these laws could increase my business. I wanted to achieve impossible goals like writing a New York Times Bestselling book and a business that easily makes 6 figures a year.

“I had in my mind a certain idea of how this would unfold, and shortly after starting, I ran into my first roadblock…”

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Coming to the end of Round 3

I spent week two of round 3 in Vegas hanging out in the hotel room while my husband taught and manned a booth at a work conference. This is me getting wheeled up to the room since I didn’t have the strength to walk the airport or the giant Venetian hotel. You can read my last full update on my journey to health here: https://rarefaith.org/round-3/


Mindset Mastery Self-Paced – start any time! View the Google Calendar here.

Genius Bootcamp was a wonderful experience! It was very inspirational, insightful and enlightening! Tracy did a great job guiding us through the course, allowing us to each have our own experience to find what we needed. I learned a lot about myself using the laws … and did discover my own genius! It was a small, intimate group which allowed us to get better acquainted and made it easier for us to share. I’m very thankful I was able to attend!!” – Gail Curtis

Genius Bootcamp changed my life!!! I attended my first one 3 months ago—I am now confident in my purpose and passion! I’ve implemented what I’ve learned and I am living in a state of gratitude and peace and attracting what I really want in life. It is beautiful to see it all unfold!” – Marcianne Stewart

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When Change is Hard (Podcast)

When change is hard, it’s easy to get stuck. Get a fresh perspective that will help you believe in the impossible, and find courage to step into freedom. Once you understand what the fear really is, it no longer holds you.
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