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If you or someone you know is struggling with emotional wellness or low self-esteem, don’t miss any of this issue. I began compiling the newsletter with one theme in mind, but some of the articles and resources started lightly pointing to that topic instead. So, I’m just going to roll with it, even though I didn’t get any of the headers renamed. ❤️ Leslie

Housing Market Concerns

Hi Reader,

Are you dreaming of buying a home of your own?

Today’s Q/A comes from a reader who is worried about buying a home before prices get even higher in this crazy market. She wrote:

“We have moved 9 times in 19 years of marriage, and our landlords informed us they are selling some time this spring to summer… In this skyrocketing market, we have decided to get creative and …I keep finding great solutions that are totally possible. My father has offered to help …

“But he is SO NEGATIVE!! …”

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Happier in a Delusion, From Now On

“Choosing to believe is really just that, a choice. It gives me the feeling of control in situations where I feel really out of control. It is the thing I can ‘do’.

“That trust is scary. That hope can be scary. But I feel so much better when I choose to have hope than when I look at the facts … and take my truth from that. It feels a little like delusion, but I’m happier living in that delusion…”

And ironically, living there is exactly what starts a better chain of events.

Find out how Lindsey knew she was on the right track when she heard the song “From Now On” playing in the background…

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“I began this Mindset Mastery course with little belief in myself and not thinking I understood the laws I was drawn to, and have been studying. Leslie and her team have encouraged and walked me through each class and course with kindness, helping me understand the laws with easy-to-navigate coursework and weekly group discussions. I am leaving the course with confidence and a better grasp of natural laws. Oh, if everyone had these tools in their belt, what we could accomplish! Thank you for providing a wonderful school with intentional support, a growth mindset, and an environment to love learning the principles and natural laws that govern each of us.” – Cassidy B.

“Thank you so much for all that you do to share this information with all of us! I have 5 kids and I know how busy that is, and I love that you have found a way to keep teaching and sharing while making your family time your first priority!” – C.L., Achieving the Impossible program participant

“My book is published! I have wanted to do this for sooooo many years, and once I joined this community in Mindset Mastery, Genius Bootcamp and Leslie’s Retreat package that morphed into the perfect online mentoring program … it actually happened! Thanks so much to everyone!” – Adrian Booher, author of Love Your SELF First

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Podcast: Your Greatest Show

Keynote given at a facility for troubled teens, message applicable to troubled adults, too.One participant wrote: “I started seeing all of my spiders for what they were. … Yeah, I have pain. Everyone does. You helped me to realize that the pain isn’t me and I can easily step out of that seat and move away from it because I deserve more. Thank you Leslie, I will never forget the lessons you have taught me. With love and sincerity, Amanda Q. (age 16)”
Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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