Rare Faith – Attached to the Struggle?

Attached to the Struggle?

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Ann Ferguson writes: “When I think about the law of polarity, I typically think about times when I have been at my lowest, and had to muster the will to believe there is an equal and opposite good. I don’t know about you, but some days I really struggle to believe and envision the possibility that something good is on its way…” Read more here…


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“I didn’t really know for sure what the Genius Bootcamp was all about when I signed up. But I am so glad that I did! Our facilitator, Roseanne Dawes, was just phenomenal in guiding us through this amazing course. Leslie has developed a great system to walk you through identifying questions and receiving answers. This was a powerful class, and I did, in fact, receive some sparks of inspiration and some answers to questions. Now I know the process I can use to determine my ‘next steps’ when I am working toward a goal. I highly recommend this program!” Wendy Cordon

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How and Why to Fear Not (Podcast)

In this episode (also known as “Faith and Finances” or “Go and Do”), I explain the importance and power of choosing faith over fear in facing life’s storms. The cure for fear is not courage, but knowledge. Join me for a scriptural look at God’s pattern for overcoming every challenge life throws your way. The principles are true, dependable, and sure. Discover exactly what to do when you just can’t shake the fear. Listen now
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