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I was just notified (after documenting this journey now more more than a week) that I had missed one little letter in the URL (website address) for Nicholeen’s BBC episode on the World’s Strictest Parents show. I’ve been pointing people to it in almost every one of my posts, and without that one little letter, it was actually taking my readers to a totally different video on their site.

Good grief. Well, I’m grateful the error was called to my attention, and just really sorry that very few of you, if any, were actually able to see the transformation that I keep talking about!

So I encourage you to see it now – watch what happens when two severely rebellious teenagers from England go to live with Nicholeen Peck’s family in Toole, Utah for 10 days. The show promises to be an explosive freak show, but what happened instead shocked the producers, because there was no fight. In fact, there was instead an unexpected transformation in those teenagers which was nothing short of miraculous.

That’s why I’m documenting my parenting transformation journey, because I know that as I learn how to be a better parent, I will be more successful at raising joyful adults who know what their mission is, and who can’t wait to fight for it. What I have been learning from Nicholeen has been absolutely transformational.

Click HERE to watch her episode – and I promise I’ll use the correct link this time!!


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  1. That’s what took me so long to keep reading. I wanted to see the show, but it wasn’t coming up for me. When I watched it tonight, I started reading your posts again. I really need to head to bed now. And tomorrow. FTMF lessons. 🙂

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