On the rabbit trail…

Here’s some fun feedback from one of the participants at my last Genius Bootcamp Special Engagement:


I wanted to say thank you again for giving Kim and I such a great experience the past three days at Genius Bootcamp. …I believe I will have many more aha moments as I reflect on what the Spirit has taught me through this experience.

I also wanted to mention how amazed I was that you were so willing to learn from the class members and allow them to share their thoughts and life lessons.

I was particularly impressed when Karis shared the “Why” concept and you encouraged everyone to try it and even praised that process. Most presenters would be far to proud or fearful to let a light shine on someone’s else’s principles during their workshop. This was a big sign to me that you seek to honor Him (capital H) and not your programs. I am sure this was noticed by others as well.

Speaking of signs, you may remember that upon arriving in Mesa at midnight, Kim and I had a rabbit run right in front of our car through the middle of a huge busy intersection. Tonight, as we were driving home, we missed our exit so had to take the next exit, it looks like we are on the right path, or trail. 🙂 – Joe

Thanks for the feedback, Joe.

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