My Part – God’s Part?

By Mark Andrew Beach

As I have struggled with a particular goal, a problem, a relationship and even my physical health at times I have often looked heavenward and pleaded with God to know “What part is mine? and what part is Your’s?” I have heard it said that I should pray as though everything depends on God and yet when I get up off of my knees, I should go to work as though everything depends on me. That’s not hard for me to do because I have a tendency to try to control things too much as it is. So, in the past, if I have erred, it has been on the side of trying to “do” too much and maybe even try to take over God’s part.

As I have learned to understand and synthesize the Laws of Success into my life and way of being, I have learned that the laws themselves hold the answer to this question. This list of seven things (the application of the laws) is my part and I love the fact that I now know who’s part is really who’s, when dealing with my partner in success; God. If I will commit this list to memory and make them a part of who I am, I can be sure I am applying all the laws to my advantage and confident I am doing my part when it comes to realizing my hopes and dreams in life:

1) I have my goals and dreams written down, clearly defined, and always I remember: (The Law of Perpetual Transmutation)

2) I always attract the objects of my predominant thoughts and they are attracted to me. (The Law of Attraction)

3) I can keep my thoughts and attitude positive by comparing my situation to something worse and sincerely expressing gratitude. (The Law of Relativity)

4) I can increase my energetic vibration by improving my thoughts which can elevate my emotions or feelings, which in turn, increases my energetic vibration, and I am attracted to circumstances and things that are in harmonious vibration with myself. (The Law of Vibration)

5) By remembering the Law of Polarity, that everything has its opposite: if my situation is catastrophic, then it is equally and simultaneously wonderful. I look for the solution in every challenge; it’s there for me to find.

6) I remember that in nature, there is a rhythm to everything; by law, the light will come. On the other hand, good times don’t necessarily mean that bad times are on their way. Rather, my good times will one day be better described as a plateau and feel unsatisfying and I will then need to seek even better times through more stretching or challenging goals. This leads me on to continual progression. (The Law of Rhythm)

7) Just as my thoughts affect or better said create my results or circumstances through my actions, I send good out into the universe and it will always come back to me. It will not always come back to me directly, but it will come back to me even so. (The Law of Cause and Effect)

As I do all these things, then I am at peace, knowing that I am doing my part. This understanding is the motivation I need to keep on, keeping on. Knowing this, I also can trust the process and trust in God to do the rest.


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