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Meet Jill MacDonald.

As a young mother Jill volunteered at a non-profit that catered to low income women and children, having first participated as a client. As she offered ideas and made a valuable contribution, she was ultimately offered a position at Good Earth stores teaching health and nutrition on behalf of the Green Smoothie Girl. In early 2019 a friend reached out to her and asked her to co-author a 4 week whole foods plant based meal eating plan. In August of that year they published!

Growing up, however, Jill struggled with depression, which became worse as she got older. She said, “I had a lot of circumstances that I blamed until I started learning about self help books. I read a lot! I came across Leslie Householder’s book the Jackrabbit Factor. It profoundly changed my life!”

So to take her understanding to the next level, she joined us in the Mindset Mastery program, and I’m pleased to present her today as an Honors Graduate!

As always, whenever someone applies for graduation from the course, I have some questions:

Q. Did you face a Terror Barrier during the course?

Yes, many! We decided to sell our house before I started taking the mindset mastery course. We had a lot of house showings! At one point we kept getting great feedback about our house but no offers.

We had been showing the house for 6 weeks…! The feedback we got was that the house was amazing but people had issues with neighbors on both sides of the house. I felt frustrated and tired of showing the house. I felt fear that it was never going to sell because of these issues.

However, I remembered what we were learning. I thought about the journal prompts and decided to paint a new picture. (This is of course after having a good cry from being overwhelmed!) I wrote in my journal the struggles I was having and put a positive spin on it.

That night before bed I spent time visualizing it solved. I felt grateful that the right person showed up and loved the house. I pictured us moving to our new house and sitting down on my couch physically exhausted and satisfied with the move.

The next day each of the neighbors did things to improve the issues that people had about their property. One of the neighbors I spoke to but the other one I hadn’t spoken to. The neighbor I hadn’t spoken to was the one people had the most issues with.

I was so excited to see the principles in action that I cried tears of joy. We received an offer that we accepted two days later!

Q. What was your Phase 1 experiment (the inconsequential goal)?

For my inconsequential goal I chose to see a hummingbird.

Well I am learning from my experiences that God has many ways of blessing us with our desires so to be open.

I was watching a favorite You tuber of mine who talks about health and nutrition, when in the middle of his video he stops and points his camera outside and says, hey look a hummingbird! He continues by saying he just hung up the hummingbird feeder and that was the first hummingbird he’s seen.

The amazing part about it was that in my mind I saw a hummingbird feeder being hung up. So to have him say he just hung it up felt like confirmation to me. It was definitely part of my vision.

It was when I finally let go of the how that it showed up!

I love too how it had nothing to do with the subject matter of the video; God just said here you go! I love it! I feel so grateful to “see” his hand in my life!

Inconsequential Goal Take 2!

But Jill didn’t stop with just one experiment. Here was another:

On Saturday I went to an Easter egg hunt with my kids. There was a booth there where we could guess how many jellybeans were in the jar for a chance to win a $25 gift card.

I decided I would practice the principles that I was taught on something inconsequential. You see I have been struggling. I have been feeling like I haven’t been progressing. I thought this would be a good way to “see” if the principles still work!

In my mind before writing my guess down I pictured her messaging me letting me know I had won. I then looked at the jar and asked in my mind what is the number of jellybeans. I wrote down the number 1,252.

My son was next to me and wrote his number down. He was being sarcastic about it because he used to work for the store where the gift card was to. I looked at him and said, “well I’m looking forward to spending the gift at that store!”

Today I received a text saying that I had won the gift card! Out of curiosity I asked what the official number of jellybeans was. She told me that it was 1,236. I was only off by 16!

Friends these principles WORK! If you’re feeling stuck take some time to practice them on something inconsequential it can help to reinforce them for you!

Q. How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances in assignment/lesson 18?

It was really hard at first. It felt like it took a lot of mental energy. The more I practiced the easier it became. I shared with the group an experience where a negative thought came into my head and I rejected it immediately. I was so excited I couldn’t believe I did that and was conscious and aware enough to do it, it felt fantastic!

Q. What was your goal or intention for the Phase 2 experiment?

My short term goal was to remodel my new house. We bought a 1936 house that needs quite a bit of work. Our goal is to live in it for 2 years or less and flip it. It has a detached garage that has been partially remodeled into a livable space. We are turning it into a two bedroom apartment.

We wrote down everything that needs to be done to the house inside and out and set a date two years from now to complete it.

As a bite sized piece of my short term goal I wanted to knock out 4 of the largest projects on my list. I set the intention and was amazed how God showed up for me!

A few days later my brother who lives in a different state called and said that his wife showed him the video I sent her of the remodeling we’re doing. He asked if he could come and help us with our project. He said he wanted to come in a week or two. I was super excited and said yes!

The next day he called back and said he changed his mind and wanted to know if he could come in two days! I said yes. When I got off the phone I felt a little panicked. The thought, be careful what you ask for came to mind. I worried that I wasn’t ready to move forward so quickly. Then I said to myself: “ready or not here we go”.

My brother is a very hard worker. We accomplished so much with his help, more than I thought we would.

I love how the principles work! I love that when you set intentions God shows up for you. He often inspires others to show up and support you!

Jill completed her application with these insightful words:

I cannot adequately express how grateful I am to Leslie and Trevan for putting this course together.

For years I have felt like I was beating my head against the wall. I felt frustrated and like I wasn’t “getting it.” I have been to many seminars, taken many classes, read a lot of books and have had many mentors over the years.

After reading books and going to seminars and being coached in the past, I still felt like there were pieces of the puzzle missing. Through the Mindset Mastery course I feel like I have been led to the missing pieces.

During the course we were asked to set goals. I was able to see the principles in action and experienced success. I love the format of the program. It was really nice to have a discussion each week on what we had learned. It helped me to weed out things quicker than if I had done the course on my own.

My husband told me that he noticed that while I was doing the course I was able to move from idea to fruition much quicker. He told me that he noticed that multiple times!

I have loved this course and the principles taught in it so much that I now have decided to become a facilitator. These principles have changed my life. I am so excited to share them with others. I am looking forward to seeing their growth and progress. This is such an incredible opportunity. I cannot encourage you enough to take this course. It will change your life for the better… if you allow it!

Congratulations, Jill! Keep up the great work!!


Jill is still a huge proponent of healthy eating and lifestyle but as you can see, has changed her focus to understanding and living God’s Universal Laws. She writes:

I have learned so much from what Leslie teaches that I decided I want to teach it as well! I am in the process of writing a series of children’s books that teach these Universal Principles in a fantasy form. I am excited to bring what I have learned to the world!

We’re thrilled that Jill has joined us on the Rare Faith Program Facilitator Track to help us deliver Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp classes to others!



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