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I had a great conversation with my friend yesterday. I told her about how excited I was for the changes I had been seeing already after only 2 days. She chuckled and said, “Sounds like you’re in the honeymoon stage…”

Aw man… really?

Reality check.

Nicholeen Peck has said that anytime you start something new, you’ll see things shift, but habits run deep and there will be a relapse. She wanted her readers to know that ahead of time (pre-teaching us?) so that when it happens, we can just check it off the list as part of the journey that always happens on the way to self-government, and stay committed to the long term picture. I need to be ready to just acknowledge it, and then get back on track again.

She says that part of that relapse experience is when the kids kind of get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, “It seems to me that…” or “Just now, I noticed…” etc., and they will probably try to buck the system and see what I do.

Okay, then. Better keep studying and tracking. Interestingly enough, I felt no desire to track anything yesterday. We were busy living and being and I kind of burned out on assessing. Then I heard her again in my head tell me that relapses are to be expected. Was my disinterest in assessing a sign of relapse?

Maybe so. Whether or not that’s the case (there really wasn’t anything remarkable to note), I’m back now.

OH WAIT! Something DID happen yesterday! At 4:30, I notified my daughter that her 24 hours was over. She had actually lost track of time by then, playing quietly with her sister in their room. She squealed, “REALLY??!!  AAAAAAAHHHH!~ YAY!”

We hugged, and high-fived, and talked about how she never wants to go through that again!

Had a couple interesting conversations later that night though with a couple other kids that I want to assess, but I have to run. It’s FINALLY time to have my daughter’s braces removed. Wahoo! Be back later… 😉

If you disagree with anything I’m doing, then before leaving your comments, all I ask is that you please first watch this BBC episode so you can see where this is going. They say that in the middle of a life-saving surgery it can appear as though there has been a murder in the room. It might get a little messy in the middle, but I do believe and trust in the end result. Each of my posts – standing alone – will not provide the big picture… but the episode does. Enjoy!


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