Greatest Challenge

By Mark Andrew Beach

I once read a quote from someone, I don’t remember whom, that went like this:

“We can never achieve excellence as long as there remains a gap between our knowing and our doing.” I believe it was James who wrote, “…be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” (James 1:22-23). In other words, for our goals and dreams to flow or manifest into physical existence we must ultimately be action takers, or we are just kidding ourselves in the end.

How many times do we hear from the great teachers that we must write down our goals? – An action. How many times do we hear that we must review these goals regularly to condition our minds to the point where they are creating the solutions and “mindset” required to achieve our goals and dreams? – Another action. And how many times do we actually get ideas and suggestions manifested to our minds that require an action that die right there in our minds? These are classic examples of what so many of us know, but fail to do.

How do we overcome this?

The formula is “Be, Do, And Have” in that order. If we fail to take action, it is likely because we are not what we desire to be yet. Therefore, it is time to focus first on “being” or “becoming” what you desire first, before doing what you desire. There is no “fake it till you make it” – that is a myth. Just as the man mimicking the wolf in the Jack Rabbit Factor did not catch his rabbit by copying the wolf alone, neither will we do what is required until we can acknowledge to ourselves that we are what we hope to do.

This requires more mental conditioning. Does this mean we stop writing down and reading our goals? Of course not. This is a part of the mental conditioning required to get us to the “being” that is required of us. The good news is that while we are developing our being, we are also forming new habits and disciplines that will strengthen our “doing” as we move forward. Another way of looking at this is to consider what Bob Proctor says. He says, “Tell yourself a lie enough times and you will begin to believe it.” Here he is advocating the concept of mental conditioning, not “fake it till you make it”, as so many might misinterpret him to mean.

So let’s be more specific about this mental conditioning until we become what we desire. This is accomplished through consistent goal setting refining and repetitive review and reading. It is really spending the time to complete a daily “power hour” that involves scripture reading, inspirational reading, goal reading, prayer, meditation and other mental and spiritual conditioning exercises. It includes dream building, and dream boards. It absolutely must include defining your “why!” and your “what”. Becoming your desire requires as much thought and action, dreaming and doing, as ultimately implementing (doing) your desire or plan.

We skip this critical part of our work at the very peril of our dreams.


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