Energy Healing

At Rare Faith, we recognize that the practice of energy work or healing can be a powerful tool, which has merit and foundations in science like medicine or physics. However, it is commonly mixed with spirituality, which can lead people into dangerous paths and unintended, unwanted results. Since it is impossible to know what foundations are in place, or how a student will respond to it, and since we do not provide energy healing services, nor offer instruction on how to use it wisely, it is no longer mentioned in our curriculum. It has previously been mentioned as something to consider with discernment if a student needs some extra help outside of our programs, but it is not necessary to explore in connection with the principles of effective goal achievement that we teach in our programs, courses, and events.

While we are an independent company not officially affiliated with nor endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we do strive to always be aligned with its official counsel and policies. Therefore, energy work and/or energy healing will not be addressed in our programs, communities, or events. While this is likely to be disappointing to some of our students and facilitators, we do believe and trust that this decision is founded in wisdom.

Thank you for your understanding.

Leslie Householder

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