What happens between point A and point B

Occasionally, I like to spotlight different students in our Mindset Mastery program and share their experiences with learning to apply the principles.

Today’s spotlight is on Mindset Mastery student Stephanie F., who writes:

I have an Amazon Rental (for a college textbook) due today. Last night, after completing the last lesson in Phase 2, I decided that I would visualize the UPS man coming to our home to deliver a package by noon that is currently en route, so he could pick up the return rental package for me before I’m charged a late fee. Now… the UPS man normally doesn’t come until mid afternoon, but a 12 o’clock delivery would give me enough time to drop off the package to the local drop off if he didn’t take it – still avoiding the $26 late charge.

The kids and I watched for him all morning. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t come until close to 12, because I think God advocates a “last minute principle” that encourages the building of our faith. Ha ha

12:15 rolled around. No UPS man. 12:30 comes and I have the thought to look out the window. The UPS man!! But he was driving past our house on his way back to town. I wondered, “Do I still choose to believe?” But then I had the thought to look on Amazon and see if it said my package was for sure out for delivery. I did so, and I had looked at it wrong. The package being delivered today was going to my brother; mine is not scheduled to come until tomorrow.

I felt sincere gratitude that [at least] I had the idea to look outside, so that I wouldn’t wait around all day for him to come.

I figured I better run the package into town and drop it off. I called ahead and asked what time the UPS man picks up from there, and they said 11:00 a.m. (Uh oh) but that [fortunately for me] they hadn’t seen him yet today.

I’m 10 minutes from town, and I knew the driver was ahead of me because I had seen him heading back. I jumped in the car and raced down there, visualizing that I had made it in time, and feeling so grateful.

I got there, and a different lady than the one who answered the phone told me he had already come early that morning. Well…I had a choice. I could leave it there and get charged a $26 late fee, or drive an hour away to another drop off and spend almost that much on gas money for my Suburban.

I decided to just leave it there and then CHOSE to feel grateful again for seeing him pass my house, helping me be confident in my choice because I knew he wouldn’t be coming to my house that day.

…As I drove home, I had the thought that I wanted a candy bar. Ha ha I drove over to the Dollar Store, and as I came around the corner….who was parked right between the Dollar Store and another business, but the UPS man! I jumped out of the car, ran over and told him my situation (minus all the JackRabbit stuff – ha ha), and he said he had to drive right past the drop off point and would be happy to pick up my package!

It worked!! We got it in on time!

What did I learn?

1. It doesn’t always happen the way you think it will.
2. Listen to those thoughts and ideas and act on them!
3. You have to be grateful along the way – even when all evidence points to it not working.
4. You can’t base your visualization on false information – or non-truths. I thought the UPS man was already scheduled to come to my house. I just wanted him to come before noon. But I couldn’t have faith in something that was never supposed to happen to begin with. And still, everything worked out perfectly and seamlessly as far as it was able.


With so many moving parts, and so many possible outcomes, it’s just amazing to me (but never surprising) when a student experiences for themselves the wonder and serendipity that comes from choosing the right thoughts. There are two points that are fixed and sure: your starting point, and your decided end-point. What’s going to happen in the middle between point A and point B is anyone’s guess, and it doesn’t matter! But as long as you think right in the middle, the end point is a done deal.

What do YOU choose to be your end point? I want to help you get there. Join me now in the Mindset Mastery program and just see for yourself what a shift in thinking between point A and point B will do for you!

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