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Last week the phone rang, and my 14 year-old son picked it up. I heard him say, “Hello? …Uh, yeah, just a minute.” Then he turned to me with a quirky look on his face and said, “A really HAPPY Kevin is on the phone for you.”

After I hung up the phone, my son had to know: “Mom, why was he SO happy??”

I just smiled… because it was no reason in particular except that this guy spends his days helping people create automatic, portable incomes. He makes a difference in people’s lives and has everything to be happy about.

In the past, he used to put his life on the line for a living, literally. (You should hear those stories!) but now his work is safe, flexible, lucrative, and extremely fulfilling.

The bottom line is, he loves what he does.

His happiness is contagious, too. I saw what his cheerful, energetic demeanor over the phone (for just 5 seconds) did for my son.

How do you answer your phone? Are people glad to be around you because you leave them feeling happier than before?

Think on that for today… and put a smile on someone’s face by the way you speak to them.

Anyway, stay tuned… I’ll be introducing you to Kevin in a couple weeks and you’ll see what I mean. In a free telecall, he’ll give you some tips on how to create an automatic income doing something you love, too.

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(P.S. The image above is not Kevin, but captures the feeling of the moment so I just had to include it!)

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