Are you a creator?

working on something?

Hi Reader,

Are you a creator?

Is there something inside of you bursting to come forth?

Here’s a special message from one of our Program Directors, Ann Ferguson:


You have these fabulous projects that you want to get out into the world. You know they’ll bless lives if only you can find the time to get them done.

But family, work, life… all of it, just keeps getting in the way.

Ever thought – “Oh, if only I could just get away for a few days, leave the distractions behind and finally focus…”?

Yes! That’s Me! Help!
My friend, your prayer has been answered.

Join me at the Holmstead Ranch in Southern Utah for a

Creator’s Retreat

April 13-16, 2022 in Southern Utah

An all-inclusive event with the resources you need for distraction-free creation.


If you are working on …

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter content
  • A book
  • Website
  • Curriculum
  • Courses
  • Youtube channel
  • Master’s Thesis

…whatever it might be…

The Creator’s Retreat is what you’ve been dreaming of, and longing for.

This mountain retreat at the Holmstead Ranch is an idyllic location to get your creative juices flowing. The quiet and fresh air will feed your soul.

We’re talking about “glamping” – being in nature, but having all the comforts and amenities you want to keep you happy and comfortable. Perfect, right?

What you’ll get:

1) Dedicated blocks of creative time where no one is allowed to talk.

2) Coming together for blocks of motivation and inspirational time.

3) A personal chef – You don’t want to have to stop your creative flow to think about eating. We got you!

Our personal chef will be on-site to prepare all the meals. We’re talking about brain food – the good stuff for a healthy mind and healthy energy. Not the junk food that will spike your energy and leave you crashing. All your dietary needs and preferences will be provided for.

4) A Yoga and Pilates instructor to help you stretch your body before you stretch your mind every morning.

Register here

Also Included:

A Professional Photoshoot

Venessa Kay from Vanessa Kay Photography will be onsite to update your headshots for your websites and media sites

A Professional Editor

You will have a 15-20 minute appointment with book editor Jessica Munk to:

  • Bust through writer’s block
  • Review content to assure messages are successfully conveyed
  • Run through Storyboards
  • Bounce Ideas around

Video equipment and a teleprompter

Also on location! You can script and shoot that welcome video you have been putting off. Just be sure to bring your own memory card.

On-site and available for an additional cost, you will also have access to

  • Branding Expert – Vanessa Kay will also be on hand to help you create branding package fonts / colors / image / lifestyle pictures
  • Publisher – Stephanie Francom owner of Rooftop Publishing will be giving clarity sessions to help get that book started and help you lay out a writing plan. She will even be doing an evening workshop to discuss publishing options available to you.

Do you have a Team?

We even have TEAM accommodations in the lakeside cabins for private collaboration.

Let us take care of you while you and your team take care of business!

(Don’t worry, you’ll be allowed to talk. 🙂 )

In short, the Creator’s Retreat is a fabulous opportunity for whatever kind of creator’s support you need.

Come get six months of your life back!

Register here
All the best!


PS. This opportunity is provided in partnership with our Rare Faith Facilitator Program Director Ann Ferguson, and her company: Joyful Heart Mentoring.

If you have any questions, please reach out to info

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