Are you a biz owner / content creator?

…you might be dreaming

Hey Reader…

If you don’t even have time for this email,
you need this more than you think…

Struggling to get things done?
Too many distractions?
Neglecting yourself?

Imagine letting US take care of YOU,
while YOU take care of BUSINESS!


Creator’s Retreat April 13-16 near St. George, UT

An all-inclusive event for distraction-free creation.

Perfect for creating:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter content
  • A book
  • Website
  • Curriculum
  • Courses
  • Youtube channel content
  • A Master’s Thesis
  • Etc…

Rare Faith is all about getting MORE done in LESS time and having everything you need, JUST when you need it.

That’s why we created this special retreat just for creators like you, where YOUR needs can be met, while you focus on things that only YOU can do.

You’ll Get:

  1. Distraction-free, deep dive creative time
  2. Motivation and inspiration
  3. Personal chef – all dietary needs accommodated
  4. Yoga and Pilates – stretch your body to stretch your mind
  5. Professional Photoshoot – for some new, awesome, updated headshots
  6. Professional Editor – bringing the polish!
  7. Video equipment and teleprompter – use OUR equipment to create YOUR videos!

Optional resources for an additional cost:

  • Branding Expert – branding package fonts / colors / image / lifestyle pics
  • Publisher – clarity sessions, writing plans, publishing options

Have a Team?

We’ve got you. Enjoy our TEAM accommodations for private collaboration.

Let us help you get six months of your life back!

Learn more and Register here
All the best! Leslie
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Author, speaker, and curator of true, inspiring success stories
PS. Provided in partnership with our Rare Faith Facilitator Program Director Ann Ferguson and Joyful Heart Mentoring. If you have questions, you may reply to this message and I’ll have a team member reach out to you.
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