“It’s All Just Programming”

Meet Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, Colain White (above, center).

Colain had been learning and applying faith and mindset principles for many years before ever enrolling in any of our Rare Faith courses, and has such a natural ability to co-create with God, it is inspiring.

As with all of our graduates, I had a few questions:

Q. What was your experience with the Phase 1 experiment? (The “inconsequential goal”)

My inconsequential goals were a sequence of events related to cars.

The first one was a type and color of car. I chose high end sports cars because there are fewer of them where I live. I chose a red Corvette as my first attempt and bam, there it was on the freeway soon after I left my home. I thought “wow—that was a bit too easy.” I decided I needed to change to Lamborghini. There are not very many Lamborghinis’ driving around where I live, BUT amazingly, I saw two in one week and not the same one either, as they were different colors.

This sparked my interest to try something out of my control but geared to my own need or desire, so I moved onto traffic lights.

This is something that is VERY abundant where I live, and it is something I do not have control over. My goal was to make it to my destinations without having to stop for any red lights. I planted a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart for being able to save time and gas by not having to stop at ANY lights. I wasn’t 100% EVERY time I tried it, but after several successful attempts at this, I decided I needed to move on to something that really mattered to me when I was out doing errands, parking spots.

Notice here how Colain acknowledged that she did not achieve what she imagined 100% of the time, but she still recognized success. “Success” is not about perfection, or the 100%, but about growth and achieving things that we may not have otherwise achieved before setting our goal.

With these first and second layers of success, Colain moved onto something that was more of a stretch for her:

I had in mind my ideal parking spot, no matter where I went, would be in the front row, somewhere along the front of the building or the first spots if they didn’t have parking right in front such as Target or most grocery stores. This is often difficult because many of the front rows are handicap parking; and of course, those that aren’t are coveted by everyone.

As I headed out for my day of errands, I fixed the feeling of excitement, satisfaction and happiness, ‘that I was given my ideal parking spot at each destination,’ as deeply into myself as I could manage since I would be traveling to various destinations and did not have their parking lots memorized in order to picture them ‘open’ in my mind. I just used a general picture of a front row parking spot and the above-mentioned feelings.

Yes! Vision + Feelings.

Again, I was surprised at how even if they weren’t empty when I was pulling into the lot, they were vacated for me to take. I did this for several errand trips, and I wasn’t 100% every single time, but I was 100% on some and probably 90% on the others.

I decided to try it for when I was out with my husband, and he was the one driving. I figured this added another level of difficulty because I was not in control of parking the car. Usually, the spot was available but he would choose a different one and so I decided to stop because the frustration and contention it caused, that ‘he did not take the open available front spot,’ wasn’t worth it.

Colain demonstrates one of the most important pieces to remember in mindset work: no matter how much or how perfectly we are able to apply the laws to achieve what we desire, we do not have the power (nor the authority) to infringe on someone else’s agency. Colain could do her part to create perfect parking spaces being available, but she could not force her husband to park in them.

Impressive, excellent work!

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

My long-term goal is the remodel of my home. It was built in 1960 and the only update it had was windows.

It came with some extra land, which, in town (where we are) is few and far between. This caused us to pay more for it than we had originally planned for, so the money we had saved for a remodel was significantly depleted before we got too far into it.

Combine that with the need to fully update the plumbing and electrical, and we didn’t really have anything left for cabinets and furniture items. We had some cabinets that were given to us or free, but my husband could do nothing but complain about them. He asked me to get a bid from a cabinet place that was supposed to give us a discount for being one of their clients they worked a lot with. That was a very sad disappointment because I picked what I wanted, which I also thought should have been a less expensive design, but it was way outside of (double) any budget I thought I had.

Q. What happened?

Up to this point we had been checking out every kitchen that was put on KSL classifieds and they were either gone or horrific by the time I could get to them. This was when I decided I needed to put the principles to work in my favor.

By this point, I no longer had a preference of what I wanted. I just wanted something that didn’t make us feel sick to use and that would fit our style in the house.

After fixing my mind and heart with what I felt was the right information, I picked up my iPad to surf KSL. Within seconds, a kitchen popped up that hadn’t been there before. It was almost spooky. I looked at how long it had been on the KSL ads, and it was literally going to expire in like a day. I wondered how come we hadn’t seen it there before now.

Often we can search for something long and hard without success, so this is a perfect example of what can be found when the heart and mind are put in alignment with the “right information”, as Colain writes. Once that alignment was in place, there was no more “hard”, and what was being sought was right there, with very little effort.

I immediately texted the number and even though it was an unprofessional hour to text someone—like 10pm—they responded that the set WAS still available but was scheduled to be pulled out by the contractor in just a couple days, so if we wanted to see it in person we would need to hurry.

They let us come the next day, which was when we found the second miracle: They lived only 15 min from us, in the town next to ours.

We went to see and measure each piece. The third miracle was that the number of cabinets was about triple what I had received a bid on from the shop that was supposed to be giving us a discount, and about triple the ‘custom style.’

Although it was not the style I had hoped for, it is a very hi-end style with REALLY Expensive hardware, and they were asking less than half the price of what I was bid from the shop.

The fourth miracle was how we paid for it. Because of our situation of running out of money for this remodel, we were living from paycheck to paycheck, and I literally did not have sufficient funds saved to make a $4500 cash purchase. While pondering what to do, the thought came to ask if we could pay ½ now and the other half in two weeks when my husband and I both got paid again. The owner agreed and said he would keep all the doors until we finished paying for them.

I could hardly believe what had just happened. We didn’t get new, but we got MORE and BETTER for LESS than we could have gotten new. They look amazing in our little house and when it was all said and done, we never went into any debt either. GOD IS GOOD; and SOOO Unexpected!!

We began to apply the kitchen cabinet technique to the rest of our house remodel needs, bathroom pieces, granite countertops and windowsills, and furniture to fit the style of the space. It worked for all of them!!

Truly, Colain makes it seem so easy! The reality is–it IS this simple, once we understand the laws and principles. (If you would like to have the support of peers and a trained facilitator to guide you through a deeper study of the laws and principles, check out Guided Mindset Mastery.)

Q. What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

The biggest fears I face currently are to speak in front of others as the sole presenter. I’m not sure of the exact program that runs in my subconscious, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with, “they don’t want to hear what you have to say,” or “you really need to keep your mouth shut.”

One day while working in the garden and pondering. I was thinking about this problem. I concluded that if I was just presented with more opportunities to speak that I would be able to overcome this wall.

I’m not even kidding! I no sooner finished formulating my thought, or more of a question, about my conclusion and my cell phone buzzed with the Sunday School teaching asking a group text if anyone was available to sub for her in two Sundays. My mouth dropped open and my thought was “oh gosh Lord, that was fast…”

I decided I needed to respond if the Lord thought it was that important of a wall for me to overcome, and so I did, and I gave the lesson. I was blessed to only have about 1/3 as many people in the class as normal due to a teacher prep class that was happening at the same time. It went well although it would have felt better if my heart would have stayed calmer.

Action! Opportunities needed to fulfill our desires–even the desire to overcome a particular fear–can come almost immediately, as we see here. It would be easy to dismiss things such as this as a coincidence, but Colain shows us how she not only pushed through her fear, but acknowledged that this opportunity was from God. And then she took ACTION!

I would not say that the ‘butterflies’ are gone. The opportunities continue to come and I continue to act on them; I was even asked to do a 5th Sunday which of course is all combined adults and I also now weekly present on a 1-1.5 hr. zoom meeting with people all over the US and even the world. It is getting easier as I act on doing them.

Goal achievement and growth opportunities are often presented and provided to us “line upon line, precept upon precept”. It is through taking action despite the fears that we prove our willingness to keep moving forward, and little by little we will notice more and more opportunities to receive those desires of our hearts.

Thank you for your example, Colain!

Q. Did you experience a Terror Barrier Breakthrough during the course?

The 5th Sunday event was definitely a breakthrough for me, especially due to the nature of the subject and some of the participants in the room being licensed professionals and me a mere certified couch/councilor. They asked me to speak on self reliance and depression/anxiety and of course the licensed professionals had to be in class that day.

At the last minute, I felt impressed to add and give a one page disclaimer on where I was coming from with the presentation (granted it was 20 size font so that I could easily see it.). What this did for me, was in my perspective, it lowered the judgment level from the whole room. I used none of my own material but garnished information from ALL doctorate sources that still related to my views and perspective on the topic.

Due to the person before me not following his time restraint, I had much less time to present all my material but I was told afterward by many people that what I was able to present was extremely informative and helped them to understand how they could actually have a greater self awareness and control on their own psychology just by tweaking their own diet and exercise and social media routines. These comments, after the fact, have really helped to bolster my confidence going forward with the zoom classes I have now been asked to facilitate.

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

It’s all just programming.

The old programming that has been safely running your life, just doing its job, suddenly gets bombarded with a new idea that you have wiggled and worked to get from the idea to the brain and through the filter into your program holder. Now, there are two conflicting ideas trying to each run their program and the storm they are creating doesn’t feel so good. In fact, it feels very much like the idea you were so excited about might be not so good an idea as you originally thought.

Well, that’s the result of your old program continuing to do its job of keeping you safe from new and unsafe ideas; it is referred to as a barrier, because it is working to keep you from crossing the line that could hurt you.

Terror, is simply referencing the opposing feelings you have inside needing to keep you safe and yet wanting you to grow and move to your next level.

Yes! It’s all just programming! Colain has a gift for applying faith into her life and we were thrilled when she applied to become a Rare Faith Program Facilitator.

Thank you Colain for sharing your examples of how goal achievement, in the big and small things, can be easier than we make it. Outstanding!


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