So many unknowns and undesirable options

One student from our Miracles Made Simple course submitted an amazing question that I think is applicable to all of us.

She wrote:

“I have a current client goal to achieve the income my husband is requesting I go get a job to make. Do I switch my goal to a money goal? The money goal is super discouraging to me because … the amount he would like me to contribute doesn’t seem attainable. Yes money is needed and wanted but I feel more excited about helping people. 🤷🏼‍♀️”

My reply:

“What comes to mind is the Law of Gestation. The thing you want and the thing he wants both have a gestation period and we just don’t know how long they are. How long will it take to find a job that works for your family and fills the needed gap in your current situation? How long will it take to build your business to the income you need it to provide? It’s important to bravely ask the question, “What if it takes me 5 years to build up to that?” (Or whatever time frame feels too far away to be tolerable.) If it takes longer than you want for it to happen, what is the solution between here and there?

“With so many unknowns and so many undesirable options in front of you, I would encourage your first goal to be something like this: “I am so amazed and grateful that hubby and I were able to have a really healing conversation. We both feel understood, and I feel at peace with our next step.” You don’t have to know what that is quite yet… but you and him coming together about this is more important than the money (even if it feels less urgent).

“Believing that there is a next step that can feel good to both of you might seem impossible right now, but that’s the kind of miracle that can happen in a very short time. It’s those kind of bite-size steps that ultimately solve the bigger problems. If you go straight to a goal about the money, then all these other issues running in the background are likely to sabotage it. The good news is that this is how the Lord works – we want the big thing solved, and He’s like, ‘All you need is what you need today. Here’s what I will do for you today.’ And then day by day we learn to rely on Him, and it’s in hindsight that we look back and realize He led us step by step to solve the big thing, too.”


PS. I’d also recommend the book: The Zig Zag Principle by Rich Christiansen

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