This week! Guided Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp

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Guided Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp

Hi Reader,

Are you feeling stuck, or uncertain about how to use Rare Faith principles on that goal or dream you’ve been working on achieving?

We have two different courses starting this week – which one is right for you?

  • Join us Wednesday for our next session of Guided Mindset Mastery – a hands-on, structured, group-paced course, where you meet for one hour each week for 3 months online with your Expert Guide as you go through the Mindset Mastery program step-by-step, week by week, together.


  • Join us Thursday for our next 3-day session of our Genius Bootcamp online workshop. If you’re ready to discover an out-of-the-box, inspired solution to your biggest challenge, don’t miss this! Based on the book Portal to Genius, Genius Bootcamp helps you learn a powerful skill that you can repeat throughout your life to conquer every challenge and achieve every goal.
Need more details?

Guided Mindset Mastery

This is a 3 month program for anyone who wants to gain real, actual practice and develop confidence in applying that “Rare kind of Faith” that causes things to happen.

“We put [it] to the test for one week. I [did as we were taught] for $2,000 dollars… I had just lost my job the week before and our current balance in the account was $100 dollars… We had no idea where $2,000 dollars could come from but felt if there was ever a test this would be it. …As soon as a despairing thought came in my mind like ‘How can you get another $1,000 dollars in just one day, I would [do as you taught]…’ On the last day of the test my wife called me … the test was a success because, the goal was achieved and ‘…God is never late’. Thanks again for helping me learn the missing piece. Chris Pierson”

This class is not only a launch pad for NEW students, but it also provides a fresh start for existing participants who got stuck along the way, or veteran graduates who want to experience the process at a higher level to enjoy fresh, new success.

Genius Bootcamp

This is a quick 3-DAY workshop if you are facing a real, immediate problem for which you need a genius solution.

“…Exhilarating… I discovered answers and solutions to all the problems I came to Bootcamp to solve. It was much more meaningful than I imagined. I would like to do this again…” – Julie G.

Nancy attended 4 times and said:

“There are many miracles and good that I received …from attending, not the least including how it helped me discover my life’s career, it helped me get into the number ONE grad school program for [my career] in America… helped me overcome an addiction…”

…AND shortly after attending her fourth Bootcamp, Nancy got engaged for the first time at 34. We watched her confidence skyrocket as she learned how to apply the principles to achieve everything that was most important to her.


Will you join us?

Still unsure? Read more about each:

But don’t wait too long – registration closes when the seats are full!

“My wife and I …our lives were shattered. We excitedly worked through the program and saw immediate changes …. We repeated the second half of the course to solidify the teachings. We saw success in many areas of our lives as we applied the principles we learned. We made100K in a network marketing business. I used these principles to discover my true passion and purpose in life, and against incredible odds was hired in my dream job competing with more than a thousand other qualified applicants. We used these principles to find a beautiful home that we now live in. We continue to achieve our dreams and goals because we now know how. Success is predictable!” Ken and Debbie Carroll, Sandy, Utah


Reader, this is going to be powerful. I look forward to hearing YOUR story. 🙂

Your friend, Leslie

PS. If you would like to speak with someone about which program is right for you, send a message to director Christy Lee at (include your phone number), and she will have someone reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience – we are speaking with a lot of people right now!

PPS. Occasionally there are scholarship funds available for students in legitimate need. If you would like to apply, click here.

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