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Why I believe in Time Warps

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Two weeks before I was going to teach class, I was on the verge of a meltdown. Too many things to do, not enough hands to do them with, and definitely not enough time to get it all done before the participants were scheduled to arrive.

In my frantic state, time seemed to race by and not many of my tasks were getting completed. Furthermore, I had to reluctantly stop in the middle and fly out to meet with one of my mentors – a meeting that was not easy to come by and which I didn’t dare cancel.. … Read more here…


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“It is amazing how this following inspired action takes you places you didn’t expect. Thank you so much for [letting me] into this program, and now for helping me to achieve my impossible.” – SD, Achieving the Impossible student

“Thank you again for all that you are doing. … I have been going over the material again before my initial class this evening and I am just in awe again of how relevant and true everything is that you teach and how it just resonates within me. I love that you are walking people through a process of knowing what the next right steps are and learning to trust. Thank you for helping to change so many lives for the better. I am so excited for each person in my class and their futures.” Laura, Genius Bootcamp Immersion student

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