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Whole-Hearted Trust

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When she was in her early twenties, Jamie Jensen fully recovered from Stage lV kidney disease, depression, and cardiovascular disease (in her words) “through personal inspiration and mercy from God.” She then went on a sabbatical from healthy living in 2018, only to find herself very ill in 2019. By 2020, she was at death’s door.

But because of God’s grace, she says a miracle of health happened, and that the most important lesson from it all was learning to lean in and trust with all her heart in God’s will and timing…

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Can’t Catch a Break?

Does it ever feel like when ONE thing goes wrong then everything goes wrong? Often times this is more than just a coincidence…

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Changes Announced!

The Miracles Made Simple program has changed! This 6-month program starting February 8th will be taught by me (Leslie) and delivers a totally NEW curriculum! Join me and a small group while we explore the mechanics of a miracle weekly and help you gain confidence in your own ability to participate in miracles on the daily.

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“My wife and I were brought to you by your college roommate/friend … [who was] instrumental in opening our eyes and understanding … and bringing to us some ‘crazy allegory about jackrabbits’ … giving us a refreshing way of understanding the methodology of life and success.

“… Hidden Treasures … let’s just say… divine. You not only opened my eyes to the mechanisms and laws behind the universe in which we live and strive to succeed in, but even more importantly – FAR more importantly – you gave me insights into the gospel I never had seen before.

“I found truths that build upon what I knew to be true, but then took them so far into the stratosphere above and beyond that I was dumbfounded, pleasantly. My wife and I continue to revisit HT and find it to be a staple in our library…. We come back to it again and again.

“… it builds on the great truths … given from the pulpit from the mouths of the men who speak to and for our Savior. Your book enhances our understanding of so many things and tends to reinvigorate us as it continues to, like the scriptures, give us nuggets where we happen to hear things we swear we never heard before, in just the right way at the right time, even though we had read/listened to it a hundred times….

“And thank you for being … brave enough and empathetic enough to the needs of those whose path you have helped improve… and subtly assisting in turning our hearts back to the Master…. I look forward to some day meeting you two, and further … I hope that I will get to count you amongst my future circle of friends, and my wife and I in yours.” – BT

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Adversity and the Seeds of Equal or Greater Benefit – Podcast

Sometimes adversity persists until you finally make peace with it. Finding the seed of equal or greater benefit it contains can help that happen. As you find the seed and nurture it, your energy shifts, and sometimes that’s when you’ll see the adversity itself finally begin to shift as well. Discover how life is like a series of cogs and gears, and what you can do to experience traction instead of friction.
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