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What we do to ourselves sometimes can’t be undone on our own
Hi Friend,

Years ago, my son posted this while I was running an errand:

“I just walked past my parent’s room and heard my 4 year old sister Sarah crying. My parents are gone so I thought she was in there waiting for Mom to get home. I tried to open the door but it was locked, so when I got into the room with a key and asked what was wrong…” Find out what happened here…

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“On the recommendation of my wife, I started reading The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius a couple of years ago, and I thought the ideas and ways of changing who I would think would be good. They were and are a key part of a change already seen in our family. Then I read and pondered Hidden Treasures. Finally, I enrolled and enjoyed the past 14 weeks of taking the Guided Mindset Mastery program. We are counseled to ‘fear not’ and with studying and practicing the Laws of Thought, I am truly seeing what the Lord has wanted me to become, and I feel I am now ready to work with Him to become my best self…

“What Leslie and Trevan have brought to us all through compiling their experiences and changes is pivotal to changing our world in to a place of thinking and positivity. I would encourage anyone to read all three books, and enroll in Mindset Mastery. It is worth the time, work and wonderful new friends you will meet.” Lucas Davis


“This was such a fascinating and enlightening exercise! I learned so much and found myself wanting to study these insights further. It helped me see areas where I clearly understand the principles and others where I am still uncertain. It made me think that there is possibly some unconscious scripting at work in certain areas that could use some deeper examination. Thank you so much! This was one of my favorite activities we’ve done!” Michelle R., Achieving the Impossible program participant

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