Rare Faith – What about Self Love?

What about Self Love?

Hi Reader!

Do you ever feel frustrated with your brain’s constant negative self talk?

If so, then don’t miss the…

2023 I Am Love Summit:
The Identity-Based Approach to Unconditional Self Love!

(Event host and coordinator, Tyson Bradley, was one of our Achieving the Impossible program participants. This is going to be an amazing event!)

From May 22-25, enjoy POWERHOUSE interviews with guests like:

  • Lisa Valentine Clark, BYUtv Star & Host of The Lisa Show
  • Kurt Francum, Host of the Leading Saints Podcast
  • Dr. Julie Hanks, Expert Therapist and Coach
  • and many more!

Starts MONDAY!!! Discover:

  • What Self-Love REALLY Is
  • How To Apply Self Love Into Your Work/Life Balance
  • How To Love Yourself When Parenting Adult Kids / Teens / Toddlers
  • …and more!

Attend virtually from the comfort of your home, FREE! Each day’s interviews available for 24 hours each at no cost.

Learn more and register here…

Students Making Things Happen!

COOL things are happening for some of our Rare Faith Programs alumni!

I want to help you, too! Watch my FREE video about Achieving the Impossible.



Mindset Mastery Self-Paced – start any time! View the Google Calendar here.

“I am currently enrolled in your Mindset Mastery guided program. …I am absolutely LOVING this class!! … it has more than exceeded my expectations!!” – C.L.

“I went to your website and downloaded ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ for free. I read it quickly in one sitting and read it to my husband on a car trip the next day. I loved it so much and I knew that I needed to learn more about these laws! I then read ‘Portal to Genius‘ and ‘Hidden Treasures‘ and loved them all!” – Christy

“This was my first time taking [Genius Bootcamp]. I’ve paid money for stuff like this but this was next level. My expectations were low because, in the past when I’ve paid money for this stuff, I didn’t learn anything new. It was hyped up that I would have all these life changing breakthroughs and despite doing the work, it was the same as every other one I had taken before. This was not like that. … I had so many BIG breakthroughs and realizations. I see myself so differently and I feel different. I feel more confident. I’ve been doing more and more things outside of my comfort zone because of what I learned from this course! Worth every single penny!!” – Laura Root

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What will you discover next?

The Key to Happiness, Security, and Fulfilment (Podcast)

  • Avoiding haphazardly selected goals
  • How many purposes should I have?

Your purpose doesn’t have to be big! Sometimes it’s as simple as doing well and being purposeful about the regular, daily things we all have to do. But when you live with purpose, you feel happy, secure, and fulfilled.

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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