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The unexpected cure for doubt

Hi Reader,

I remember when my husband and I were trying to live on minimum wage, both working full time and fighting a losing battle to stay afloat.

We’d listen to motivational audios that urged us to believe in our dreams, and we knew we could have any kind of life we really wanted, but then it seemed impossible to think of where the extra money could come from. Then I realized…

Having faith in the face of scarcity was an impossible expectation.

Here’s why…

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Mindset Mastery Spotlights:

Delivering Value

“With a career spent in creating and leading organizations within fortune 100 / 500 companies like Xerox, Intuit, and Cigna, Amayea fell in love with the power and results of Organization Effectiveness, not only on the bottom line but in the lives of the people that she worked with.”

And now we are pleased to be announcing Amayea Maat as one of our newest Mindset Mastery Graduates!

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Inconsequential goals to big miracles

Congratulations to Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate Lindy Kerby!

She writes: “I had lost some money that had been given to me from several neighbors and people in my neighborhood after my son’s death. It was about $400, and I couldn’t find it anywhere…”

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Join the Rare Faith Writer’s Corner where we will be hosting a FREE Webinar Series called On Point Writer’s Tips. Our first session will be March 16 on Confidence Boosting Author Bios. We also have a new Clarity Call for authors!



“I was eager to participate in the Guided Mindset Mastery class. On my own, I could feel an internal block and feelings of lack and limitations holding me back from achieving all that I have desired in my life and for my family.

“Over the prior year, I had read several books and engaged in conversations about mindset and how the inner world creates the outer world. I entered into the Guided Mindset Mastery program with the thought of changing my inner world, so that my outer world would also change.

“Prior to participating in the Guided Mindset Mastery program, I had read the Jackrabbit Factor twice, as well as the Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures. I had watched many of Leslie Householder’s videos and listened to her podcast. I even participated and complete the FREE Foundations Course and Unlocking Your Potential. Even still, the Guided Mindset Mastery program was so impactful and insightful. I appreciate how Leslie Householder breaks down aspects of mindset mastery and the Universal Laws of Thought, and ties in parts of the book with additional explanations and examples.

“I would highly recommend the Guided Mindset Mastery program to anyone who desires to get a handle on their thinking, whether it’s negative thinking, negative self-perception, or just out of control or erratic thinking. This program helps individuals take responsibility for themselves, their thinking and their lives; as well as providing empowering practical tools and exercises to practice what is learned.” Leslie Williams


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Podcast: The Power of your Thoughts (1:57:42)

You’ve heard the promise, “Ask and ye shall receive.” But do you ever think, “I’m asking, so why am I not receiving??”

This episode addresses this question, and also discusses counterfeits, and using discernment and wisdom in using Rare Faith principles appropriately.

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

Leslie Householder

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