Rare Faith – The Reason (a new twist)

The Reason (a new twist)

Hi Friend,

This holiday season doesn’t always bring joy and happiness. I know for many it brings sadness and pain. But whether you’re feeling happy or sad at this time, I send my love.

As my friend Kat Coroy says, “We are all doing the best we can, and beautifully riding the ups and downs of life with all its imperfections and challenges.” It’s my hope that no matter how this season is for you, your heart may feel a little lighter, and that your hope may shine a little brighter.


No matter what your past has been, or what your present is now, EVERY moment is a new start. Never forget that your future is an absolutely spotless, blank canvas. What could 2024 bring? What you think today will have a shaping impact on the year to come. Think wisely. Imagine the possibilities!

Today’s newsletter is a special Christmas edition.

Perhaps you’ve heard me relate the “seatbelt story” before, but at Christmastime, it holds a completely new meaning…

Read about a new twist on “The Reason” here

Christmas Presents

If we really pay attention, Our Father in Heaven is already giving us things we want every day. Watch the video here.


How to Receive – Podcast (only 15 minutes!)

It takes a certain amount of faith to ‘receive’, and I want to show you why. I also have an additional GIFT for you. But to “receive” this gift, there is an “obstacle” that must first be “overcome”. This post has had 191 comments. Come see what everyone is talking about here.
Friend, I hope you’ve enjoyed this special issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Wishing you a very merry Christmas, from my family to yours. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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