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The Detour IS the Path

“The detour IS the path” – it’s a principle we learned from one of our mentors, Layne Gneiting – and it means that when you embark on a hero’s journey to achieve a specific intention, there will be detours and roadblocks along the way. Rarely does the process play out exactly as originally planned.

But when you face a roadblock or detour, it’s not for nothing.

Obstacles show up to teach something that may be needed later on the path. They give us clues or tokens to be utilized at a future juncture. Lindsey Partridge explains how this principle recently played out for her…

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A Break from Chemo!

At the doctor’s yesterday I planned to ask for a week off of chemo so I could spend time with family celebrating my son’s commencement from BYU without dealing with side effects. But before I could ask, he said that my white blood cell count is up and potassium is down, so he wanted to give me fluids and have me take an extra week to recover before round 4. Okay, doc – no problem! I can do that 😉 If you missed my last full update on my journey to health, find it here: https://rarefaith.org/round-3/

I’ll post a more thorough update next week.



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I had to try it out

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Today. Before the day got away from me. … Maybe I’m finally getting it. … I was … thinking about … understanding who God is and how much he wants to bless us. I was thinking about the What I Needed/How He Helped journal and the couple of experiences you shared. … At any rate, I had the thought that I needed to continue to just try it out, and I started thinking about all the things I could write down on my list.

“I was kind of hesitant at first, thinking, well, do I really NEED that, or do I just want it, and thinking about whether they were good things to ask for, wondering if I was going too far, etc. But partially prodded on by the Spirit to go ahead with it, I figured hey, let’s just continue on with this thought experiment.

“So I started thinking of a few things, … oh yeah, that, and well, if we’re putting that in, let’s add this, or, as long as we’re going that far down the road, we might as well take it one step further and add this too, etc.

“As I continued in those thoughts, it occurred to me that the things I ‘needed’ weren’t really permanent, and that absent other changes, I might just end up in the same place and needing/wanting the same things all over again in relatively short order. So it occurred to me that it wasn’t that I really wanted the things, per se, but rather I wanted a change in circumstances…

It’s the Feeling

“And as I thought about that, I caught hold on the other idea you expressed … that if we really drill down deep enough, what we’re really after is a feeling, or the feeling that the ‘thing’ provides.

“And that’s when the lightning struck, I combined that thought with what Ann taught … that you can chose to feel any feeling you want, anytime you want. It’s usually only a memory away. Essentially, if it’s a feeling you’re after, it’s already yours. You can have that feeling right now! Especially, if you’ve ever felt it before, you can feel that way again.

“To me, that’s the marvelous simplicity of this, is that it’s about the feeling.

Trusting Christ

“… I had another experience today in which I was discussing with someone the thought that perhaps part of what has prevented me from being able to just move forward is the fear of going astray or letting God down … but in the conversation, I realized too, that part of what has been happening for me is that I haven’t been trusting the atonement of Christ enough.

“I wasn’t trusting it enough to go forward … for fear that I would do the wrong thing in God’s eyes or get off the path or disappoint him or others, and not believing / trusting that if such things did come to pass, that Christ has my back and can help me make it back onto the right track.

Things will never be the same

“I had an experience a few years ago where I was flying … [and] as we were coming in to land, I saw the absolute most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my life. Brilliant colors and reflecting off the ocean, it was stunning and amazing. But I remember having the thought … that life was never going to be the same again. And shortly after that happened, certain things transpired in life such that that thought was the absolute truth. … And not in ways that I can say I was or maybe still am, particularly happy about.

“But today, I feel like I saw in my mind’s eye, that same scene, but it was a sunrise. And the same thought occurs: Nothing will ever be the same again. But this time, it’s a DAWN. A new day and things will be better, brighter and more amazing than they have ever been.

“I feel like the last proverbial disc in the lock has clicked over and I finally, truly, get it. I suppose the proof will be in the pudding, but I can say, I’ve never felt this confident or sure about these things as I do right now.

“I’m sure that to someone like you, who’s been teaching and living these principles for so long, my revelation probably seems so obvious, and maybe even old hat, but 1) I needed to tell someone, 2) I needed to write it down so it could be remembered, and 3) I figured that, at a minimum, you might get some joy and satisfaction from me sharing my personal breakthrough. Thank you again for your part in my journey. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn from you. Thanks.”

– Anonymous, Miracles Made Simple program participant

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