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Stern words from Down Under

Hi Friend,

Corrine is a Guided Mindset Mastery graduate from Australia who joined the program despite a 15-hour time difference.

She had previously participated in a Virtual Genius Bootcamp and began pursuing her goals with more confidence and enthusiasm. But she wanted extra help putting the principles into action, so she joined Mindset Mastery.

The things she accomplished in Mindset Mastery were VARIED and UNUSUAL.

Her experience shows that Rare Faith principles can work for practically ANY kind of life change you desire… Read more here…

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Oct 6-12, 2024 to the Western Caribbean

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Featured Presenters:

Dr. Dennis R. Deaton is an award-winning author, presenter, and popular BYU Education Week speaker who helps audiences understand the mind games we’re up against in the battle for our soul. Even if you’ve been programmed with negative thoughts in the past, Dennis will show you how to reverse the effects so you can ultimately win the war. Topics: Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought / The Ownership Spirit: One Grand Key that Changes Everything Else.
Leslie Householder is the award-winning, international best-selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor: Why you Can, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters, and Portal to Genius: From Vision to Reality. Her stories and insights inspire powerful life changes.Topics:The Power of Vision & the Rare Faith Formula / The Stories the Entrap Us & the Sparks that Deliver Us / Success Principles and the Covenant.


Principles of Personal Freedom – Podcast


  • What it means to “choose” what you don’t want, and why you’d want to
  • Why my friend was arrested, and why the cops changed their mind
  • What it means to “bring nothing” so you can create new possibilities
  • and more…

Listen now


What Mindset Mastery Students are Saying

“Thank you for teaching me these tools. They are amazing and I wish I had always lived my life with this way of thinking and belief. It is very freeing and peaceful. I love it. Thanks, Laura C.”

“This is a great class! Learning more in depth about the Laws and how to live within them and choose which law to focus on vs. breaking yourself against them—life changing. I loved the small group format for Guided Mindset Mastery. Definitely recommend this class!” Marcianne Stewart

“This was a life altering course! … It has given my life more clarity and purpose. I have a life map now. I know what goals I need to fulfill to reach my end of life goal. I also really enjoyed the pleasure of setting inconsequential goals and the excitement that followed when they were realized. … So grateful for this course and the growth that came with it.” Janet Seto

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Friend, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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Author, speaker, and curator of true, inspiring success stories
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