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Hi Reader,

Just a brief Happy Valentines Day from me and the Rare Faith team. ❤️

We hope that no matter what your relationship status is, that this special day is filled with the PERFECT LOVE of God – the only love that casteth out ALL fear. (1 John 4:18)

So that is our greatest wish for you today, because when fear is absent, that is where He can do his greatest work in you. Soak it in.

He loves you perfectly.


The miracle I promised to share:

You’ll find an update about my health journey here:

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Come Work With Us!

We’re preparing to expand our Team Of Program Specialists (TOPS) and looking for a few more people who are ready to step into this role!

100-Day Sales School happening soon!

Our program director Christy Lee will be leading a special 100-day training to show you how YOU can be a light to those searching for solutions for their lives. This is a powerful opportunity to stretch and up-level your OWN mindset to a place of abundance and receiving!

Even if you have NO prior sales experience, we would love to show you how you can wrap your heart around the message of these true principles, so that you can begin to share them more comfortably, effectively, and even more authentically than you may have thought possible… and get paid to do it. Did you know – you can succeed without being “salesy”?

Join us for a FREE Info Call – Wednesday Feb 22

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“Leslie! I’m so impressed by you and your resolve to put your knowledge in action in this new trial. You inspire me! So many prayers coming your way. You are so deserving of every miracle you’re experiencing. Your program is truly changing my life. I will never be able to go back to my old way of thinking. I’m so grateful to you and Christy Lee for bringing it to me. Thank you for sharing your current trial and continuing to teach and inspire us. With love, Brenda”

“My husband and I are going through both your Mindset Mastery course and your Genius Bootcamp program and loving both. The timing with other events in our lives has been amazing (many things shifting in surprising ways) and our daily time in your courses always helps us keep the right perspective so we can stay focused on our desired outcomes. I read your recent newsletter last night about your cancer. It was such a beautiful reflection of everything you teach. Thank you for being open and allowing us to witness your faith in action. … Thank you for your work and your love for God, Leslie. I know He is with you and all is well but we will be praying for you to feel especially uplifted and supported along the way. Love, M.H.”

“When my friend invited me to take this class ‘Mindset Mastery,’ I was hesitant because being a widow, my budget was very tight. But I am sooo~ glad that I took it. Learning the principles Leslie taught strengthened my faith that Heavenly Father loves us and wants to bless us. It also increased my understanding the art of achieving goals. I highly recommend this program to everyone.” Yuriko

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What will you discover next?

Lessons Learned Since Writing Jackrabbit (Podcast)

I love the principles in Jackrabbit Factor. They’ve helped me and thousands of others reach goals that were previously out of reach. But I must confess – I learned some hard lessons after I wrote the book, and I’m going to share them with you in this special episode.
Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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