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I was there

Hi Reader,

At this time of year, before getting too wrapped up in what we might soon GET, it’s worth pondering the many blessings we have already received.

I believe God has given us much more than we even realize, and sometimes it can do us good to thank Him for things that we don’t even know He’s done.

To illustrate, I want to share a story…

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Universe or God?

A 72-year old member of my faith had a great question:

“People, who may not believe in God the way I do, don’t seem to have any problem thinking they can get anything they want from the ‘Universe’ if they just go about it in the right way, and to them it is simple and easy. I have a hard time reconciling the Universe giving us everything we want vs. praying to Father for what I want, even to help me understand and use the Law of Attraction so that I can provide for myself and help people.

“Please give me your thoughts on this dichotomy (as I see it anyway)…”

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“Thanks so much for your words and for expanding and sharing your talents. When I feel overwhelmed and wonder why I need to be doing things like writing books when I could be just sitting back and serving my family, I remember the years you have served and the difference you have made. I know that I can make a difference, too.” Love, Adrian


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How and Why to Fear Not (52:08)

A look at the importance and power of choosing faith over fear in facing life’s storms. The cure for fear is not courage, but knowledge. A scriptural look at God’s pattern for overcoming every challenge life throws your way. The principles are true, dependable, and sure. Discover what to do when you just can’t shake the fear.
Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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