Rare Faith – I started planning for miracles

I started planning for miracles

Hi Reader,

I love when people in our community share their struggles in real-time, and then send an update after their breakthrough, because it really shows the Rare Faith principles in action.

It’s one thing to read a story after everything is already hunky dory. It’s an entirely different thing to be given the opportunity to watch it unfold….

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She washed my feet

By Matthew Pilling

“When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 17, it kind of just fit in with all of her chronic illnesses we were already used to. Sure, cancer was a more serious condition, but the idea of mom not feeling well for a period was not foreign to us. Because of that, it took me awhile to tune in to how difficult it was for her. By the end of her treatments, its effects were far worse than her previous health concerns had been.

“Mom encouraged us to try and live life as normally as possible. So, I decided that I would run for student body office…

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“I hired a marketing coach who … told me about ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ … [so] I went to your website and downloaded it for free. I read it quickly in one setting and read it to my husband on a car trip the next day. I loved it so much and I knew that I needed to learn more about these laws! I then read ‘Portal to Genius‘ and ‘Hidden Treasures‘ and loved them all! … I was excited to sign up for the Guided Mindset Mastery course and it has more than exceeded my expectations … [providing] the missing pieces that I was looking for! They changed everything for me! … I am absolutely LOVING this class!!” C.L.


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How to Receive (15:09)

It’s the piece that sometimes gets overlooked: our ability to receive what we’re asking for. It takes a certain amount of faith to ‘receive’, and I’ll show you why.

Find out why this episode has the MOST comments of ALL my episodes.

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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