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Getting the Goal Statement Right

Hi Reader!

If you’ve been working on creating a goal statement that activates unseen help, you may find the following Q/A helpful.

Getting the Goal Statementright can be a lot of work! But it’s worth the effort, because of the impact it can have on your results. … Read more here…


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“I purchased The Jackrabbit Factor… What a Great Book! I couldn’t stop reading it. … I have downloaded Portal to Genius. …Thank You… Manny”

“My intention is to write you a heartfelt thank you, for your generous kindness in helping me get into the Guided Mindset Mastery Plus program that I had been dreaming of taking, but did not know how I would afford it. Also, from my heart and through my tears you provided me with the text book that goes with it. I love learning and I get excited over textbooks!! Because of you I am also attending Genius Bootcamp LIVE this August. From my heart, S.B.”

“I just wanted to let you know that Miracles Made Simple was a phenomenal, thought-provoking class that really got my gears turning when it comes to what I need/want/desire in my life. I really will miss that Wednesday night Zoom meeting, so thank you for that, I appreciate your time more than you know! Thanks again, S.R.”

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Adversity and the Seeds of Equal or Greater Benefit (Podcast)


  • When to be specific in goal setting.
  • How to use Rare Faith when you suffer with depression or anxiety.
  • Knowing “What’s my part?”
  • How “peace” as a feeling counts for activating second level goal achievement.

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Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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