Rare Faith – From disbelief to Ten Thousand Dollars

From Disbelief to Ten Thousand Dollars

Hi Reader,

Krista struggled to release old thought programs about money and her own worthiness of co-creating “big” things with God. However, she continued to move forward through her doubts and fears, when many others would fall back into old patterns of thoughts and behaviors …

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“I’ve read Portal to Genius once, and have recommended it along with Jackrabbit Factor to at least 10 people, and of them, I believe at least 6 followed through to reading. Now I’m about to start both again, Jackrabbit for the 3rd time and Portal for the second time. I’m also finishing my first time through Hidden Treasures. All three of these books have given me a tremendous amount of clarity, and I’m sharing them with anyone who will listen! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!” Kristi

“I wish I had found this [book] years ago! I feel like I would have been that much father along the process and in a much better place then I am today! I really enjoyed this book Portal to Genius, it was a nice way to show the long term effect of utilizing the laws, and how its a process each day to keep up with it! Thank you Leslie and Trevan!” E. A.

“Thank you SO much …! I appreciated the timely newsletter of ‘going debt free with a rare faith‘ … I am incredibly grateful for … such wonderful counsel. … What a wonderful reminder that the Lord HAS counseled us to get out of financial bondage, and HE WILL provide the way for us to accomplish it! I’m not on my own with this at all! …thank you for going through all the struggle and difficulties– more than once – to show us the way. You are what I call an ‘earthbound angel’ and I am so blessed not only to know OF you, but also to personally know you a bit as well.” A.C.


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What will you discover next?

Why do my finances never change? (podcast)

Podcast Excerpt:

Katie: How do you advise people to deal with negative emotion? What do you like to do with that?

Leslie: What do I like to do with it? I never like to do anything! But when I catch myself and I realize I’m reacting to this negative experience, I’m having a lot of emotion around this… First of all, I give myself some GRACE and I choose to believe that everything we need is STILL being orchestrated.

That is one little tweak that I discovered years after working with these principles and practicing and testing them. Just blowing it for a day isn’t what kills the dream seed. What blows it is when you kill it for a day and then you think: “Oh man, I killed it.”

Katie: And then it’s done.

Leslie: And then it’s over. So instead, I have my bad day and say, “Whoa! Okay, I caught myself. You know what? I know there is a seed of equal or greater benefit in this nasty, ugly thing. There’s something here for me to find, so I’m going to choose to look for it. I’m going to go back to letting myself see what I’m really trying to create.” I let myself see it, experience it for a minute to change my feeling, and then I can know that what was pulling away from me is now on its way again. Listen here…

Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

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