Rare Faith – Can’t breathe

Can’t breathe

Hi Reader,

Vanessa knows what it feels like to be financially strapped and barely keeping her head above water. She knows what it’s like to come up for air, only to see another wave crashing down.

Following is a description in her own words of how the crashing waves turned out to be a blessing that pushed her family to an unexpected and joyful end…

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“Aloha e Leslie, Mahalo nui for sharing your time and your story with us last night … I hope I wasn’t too over the top in my testimonial of how awesome you guys are. … As you talked through your notes, you asked the question ‘If inspiration comes from God, where does instinct come from?’

“The idea that came to me … was that it’s not just instinct, but there’s also intuition. And while they are synonyms in the dictionary, I think one implies something different from the other. If you … look at the etymology of each word, instinct comes from the Latin word ‘stinguere’ which means to prick. So it implies more a physical impulse or even an autonomic response to external stimuli.

“Intuition, however, comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’ which means ‘consider’ or to think. Which is, to me, a higher function than the simple physical autonomic response to external stimuli. It implies choice, doesn’t it? Which is what makes us different from animals.

“So maybe instead of just instinct and inspiration, there are three levels: instinct, intuition, and inspiration … and all three denote God. God’s gift of our mortal body (instinct), our divine DNA or the ‘god in embryo’ (intuition), and help and guidance from The Heavenly Source (inspiration).

“…I LOVE that you were talking about these concepts in the context of entrepreneurship at BYUH. And I also LOVE the nugget you shared last night about peace being an emotion. Thank you for sharing that!

“One more thing, so AWESOME that you and Trevan could be together as presenter/facilitators. Maybe it’s just because I’m a guy and it’s nice to sense a little testosterone in the room, but I think a big part of the beauty of your message is that you two went through all this stuff together, learned these lessons together, and are as much if not more in love now than before. So cool.

“Well, safe travels! Again, mahalo for sharing your time and energy and talents. I’ll try to pay better attention now that I know there’s a chance you’ll swing through Hawaii again sometime. Me ka haahaa…”

– T.C., Mindset Mastery program participant, referring to the Oahu Meet and Greet audio in today’s featured podcast below (part 1 of 2)


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Oahu Meet and Greet (part 1)

  • When it’s important to be specific in goal setting.
  • How to experience the power of Rare Faith when you suffer with depression or anxiety.
  • Knowing “What’s my part?” and what Rare Faith has to do with the Passion of Christ.
  • What you should know if you’re concerned about priestcraft.
  • How “peace” as a feeling counts for activating second level goal achievement.
Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of the Rare Faith newsletter. Stay tuned for another great read coming soon!

❤ Leslie

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