Rare Faith in Partnership with Ann Fergusons presents Igniting Your Belief classes.
(Previously known as Joyful Heart Mastery)

What is Igniting Your Belief?

We’ve all seen videos of little ones giggling out of control at simple things like funny sounds or a parent playing peek-a-boo. It delights our hearts to see such unabashed joy.

  • When was the last time you felt that kind of joy or any kind of joy for that matter?
  • Do you feel like you go from one day to the next simply trying to cope?
  • Do you find yourself so caught up in the complexities of life that you don’t even know what joy looks like for you, let alone how to “choose” it?
  • Are the responsibilities of home, family, and/or career causing you to feel drained?
  • Do you respond to highly emotional situations in ways that you later regret?
  • Is all of this getting in the way of creating the life you want? If this sounds all too familiar and you desire to feel more joy in your life…

Igniting Your Belief might be the answer. Through this experience you will learn:

  • How to be aware of and honor all your emotions in a safe and healthy way
  • How to recognize the little daily joys in your life
  • How to overcome beliefs that get in the way of feeling joy
  • How to choose to feel the emotions you desire
  • How to reframe past experiences to help you heal
  • How to recognize emotional spins before they get out of hand and how to best
    handle them
  • How to develop a deeper connection with God, yourself, and others

Once you have these skills in place you will be ready to really take off. You have the heart piece in place. You will be connected with God, connected to your desires and will be ready to use the Laws of thought to create a rich and abundant life.

Your Igniting Your Belief mentor has been highly trained to walk with you through the process of learning these tools, bringing you to a place where belief is a daily experience. Yes, belief in yourself, your future, your relationships, and your goals is really is possible! Won’t you join us?

Leslie’s comments about this program:

“I’ve taken a very cerebral approach to the laws of thought. They needed to make sense to me. I needed to understand these concepts logically. I needed to depend on methods and formulas. I come from a mathematics background, but before mathematics I was very empathic. I was very heart driven. And that kind of died in those 7 years of suffering that we experienced. I got very mechanical.  I got very cerebral. I had to turn off the heart a little bit just to survive.

“However, this can’t be a head-only work. You can think and grow rich, yes. Thinking is necessary, but the only way it works consistently is to connect it to the heart. The only way it works is to think it AND feel it.

“What my friend Ann Ferguson has been led to create in Igniting Your Belief, is a whole world of training and tools that wake up that heart piece. Her work helps connect the head to the heart so that it’s not just a momentary thing to plant the seed, but that you live with that heart connection always.

“And when the heart is activated, this work just flies. 

“What I can see is that God wants us to have the whole picture, so that it’s not just something we do to ‘get the thing’.  Instead, it’s a way we live, so we can always be supported, so we can always have what we need, so we can always be doing what we were put here to do, and so we can carry out His work without fear. 

“It’s – joy – that keeps you connected to that flow. That’s the magic, that’s the key. With my work, my materials and training such as Mindset Mastery, everything works, that’s true. But if you want it to become a part of your life, you’ve got to connect it with the heart. That’s what you will find in Igniting Your Belief. That’s why we are partnering together. That’s why we’ve combined forces, to not only to give you what I’ve created, but to bring Ann’s angle on it, so that you are doing this work with the heart activated. If it is, your dreams will be fulfilled so much more easily. I recommend you take Igniting Your Belief as part of your journey with Rare Faith.”

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2 reviews for Igniting Your Belief DEPOSIT

  1. Tena Allen

    [Partway through the course] I’d like to say that this class [has been] a huge game changer for me. I loved that we started by opening our hearts and learning to recognize and deal with our emotions so that they could work for us instead of against us when we started setting and achieving goals. I have tools to deal with the devil on my shoulder who tells me every reason I can’t or shouldn’t. Mindset Mastery was great in its own right but I think I could have taken it a hundred times and would never have gotten to where I am without that. I loved that we had interaction with each other as we went through the course. Unlike the once a week seeing some familiar faces in Guided Mindset Mastery, this class required almost daily interaction with one another. It was very personal and we created long-term relationships and a team that continues to support each other through good and bad.

  2. Brianna Crane

    I can not say enough good things about the program, the content, and Ann. The program was exactly what I needed and was a sincere answer to prayers. I love Ann’s ability to connect with everyone and make sure everyone was involved/getting what they needed out of it. I feel like it helped me better identify some traps that I was stuck in as well as better understand how the spirit works in me. I feel more grounded and like I have the ability to create the life that I want. Before taking this class I felt like great things were meant for others, but not for me. This class really turned my opinion around. I saw awesome things happen within myself during the six months that I was involved with this course. Miracles truly did happen! 😀 I have recommended it to everyone who wants to hear about it. 🙂 5/5 stars from me! 🙂

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Igniting Your Belief DEPOSIT

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When you’ve been doing all the thought- and manual-work and your dreams still aren’t actualizing, it may be because you’re missing the heart piece. Walk with a mentor for 12 weeks and be assisted in integrating your heart into this work, and watch your life transform.

This course is led by Certified Mentors, provided in partnership with Joyful Heart Mentoring by Ann Ferguson.

Make the deposit and Ann’s team will be in touch (typically within 2 business days) to complete your enrollment in a session that works for you and to make arrangements for the remaining balance. .

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