They say 21 days makes a habit. If that’s true, then…

Imagine what 40 days could do to help you replace old programs in your subconscious mind with new ones that will help you more easily create lasting success with your weight loss (ahem – ideal health) goals!

Are you having trouble staying focused on the health that you are trying to create?

Join us in our next round of Fabulous 40!

For 40 days, we meet together every morning for 20 minutes to identify bite-sized pieces of our goals, and to enjoy support, encouragement, and inspiration with one another. This shared experience creates a powerful environment for growth and transformation, as we challenge old mental programs that determine our perceived limitations.

We’re a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to personal growth and achieving our highest potential. Each morning, we use this carved out space to receive daily inspiration for each next right step. We’ll also use Marco Polo to share our progress, and support one another through obstacles we may encounter along the way.

By breaking down your goals into daily bite-sized pieces, you will develop momentum and make consistent progress. We’ll both celebrate every victory and learn from setbacks, as they are part of the journey to success.

You are encouraged to actively participate in our daily meetings, and share your experiences, insights, and challenges. Your unique perspective will help and inspire others to push beyond their own comfort zones, too. Christy will also share her thoughts and tools in the Marco Polo group, and answer questions.

You’ll sign in to Zoom each day prepared with your writing materials, and an open mind ready to receive your next inspired step. Together, we will overcome self-imposed limitations and achieve goals.

We’re excited to witness the transformations that will unfold over the 40 days. Remember, you are capable of more than you can imagine. We were never meant to succeed alone!

Meetings start at 4:10am PT / 5:10am MT / 6:10am CT / 7:10am ET and last 20 minutes. They are held Mondays-Fridays with a quick text check-in on Saturdays and Sundays.

What participants are saying:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fabulous 40!  I have lived my life feeling like I was always reacting to whatever came my way.  No real plan, feeling as if nothing I did mattered, life was simply something that happened to me. Since starting the program I’ve been amazed at the impact it’s had. Most notable for me is the intentional use of my time. Writing out my intentions each morning has given me the ‘reasons’ to say ‘no’ even to good things. Prior to this, if someone asked me to help with something, I would reconfigure my schedule to try to make their goals happen rather than wishing them the best in their endeavors and focusing on my goals. I have the choice to say ‘no’ and now I can exercise it intentionally. When you proposed the idea I was concerned about getting up early. I love sleep and I lack sleep. I worried that I would slip in other responsibilities. What I found was quite the opposite. Yes, I was tired. I realized this was only 30 minutes earlier than I was already getting up. What changed was the focus throughout the day. I wasn’t wasting time. I didn’t even realize I was doing that before. I would come to the end of the day, and wondered what happened to my time. I am more purposeful in each aspect of my life. My relationships are healthier. I plan ways to strengthen them and honor that commitment. My children have noticed a difference as well. My daughter, who just asked me to fix her something to eat, said, ‘I’m eating more intentionally. When I feel hungry, I ask myself what it is my body needs.’ WHAT? This is a kid who’s favorite go-to food is chicken nuggets from McDonalds – Yuck!  Recently, in the morning meeting, you’d asked if this was something we planned to continue once the 40 days were up – I thought about it. Like I said, I both love and lack sleep. I’ve weighed it out in my mind. There’s nothing more important I could do with that 30 minutes. I will continue to write my intentions and strive to keep them throughout the day. I am so grateful I joined. Thank you. I had been looking for a way to boost my drive. I needed a pick me up so this was a right next step for me. I am more present and grateful with more drive to tackle my day with more focused intention.” M.M.

“I have been able to ‘keep my eye on the ball’ when things happen that make me want to panic and give up. I am able remind myself that the setbacks are just data, not failure. Interacting with others that are working through the same struggles that I am is so helpful. Weight loss has always been so private for me and it has been so helpful to bounce ideas and support each other. I think this is what so many people need to stay focused and grounded in their vision.  I love that it applies the principles of Rare Faith because that is really hard to find in a program that is specific to weight loss and health. I have a more encouraged outlook on my ability to achieve my goals. I have a healthier perspective on food, and a supportive group of awesome women. I didn’t think I would like waking up so early but I actually really like it and I want to keep doing it to give myself time to focus on what is really beneficial.” B.C. 


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Fabulous 40 for Weight Loss


If 21 days makes a habit, imagine what 40 days could do for you.

Let us help you replace old programs in your subconscious mind with new ones for creating lasting success with your health goals!

This is a 40-day program where you will:

* meet every morning over zoom for 20 minutes
* enjoy support and accountability from a group of likeminded people with similar goals
* get individualized help creating a goal statement that has the power to cause the inner shift you need
* learn how to tap into your own inspired ideas and set bite sized goals that keep you moving forward

Meets Monday-Friday for just 20 minutes at:
4:10am PT / 5:10am MT / 6:10am CT / 7:10am ET

The Saturday and Sunday Zoom meeting is replaced instead with a quick text check-in.

Only $140 for the first 40 days (or $40 for each additional session)

Request the discount code from your instructor if you choose to renew.

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