Last Call – Miracles Made Simple

Starts soon, apply now!

Hi Friend,

I’m looking for a few people to fill the last spots in my online class that starts Jan 31. Do one of the spots belong to you?


In “Miracles Made Simple” I meet with students each week to study Rare Faith principles, and discuss real-life, modern miracles via live video.

Together, we explore things like:

  • What laws do you notice are at play in that person’s experience?
  • What alignment-adjustments opened doors for them?
  • What tweaks in their thinking made all the difference?

Those who join me, week by week and layer by layer, discover the mechanics of a miracle, practice what they learn daily, and document their own blocks and breakthroughs.

So Friend, I’d love the opportunity to help you become even more confident in your ability to participate in miracles.

Allow me to help you see God’s hand supporting you and your family, no matter what your situation is now, and no matter what kind of burden you may be facing now, or in the future.

I understand it can take time to learn how to really trust God, rely on true principles, and see the impact and effects of each shift. That’s why I would love to support you in that process.


Wednesdays 10 am PT for six months, starting tomorrow, January 17.

Bonus training:

This opportunity also includes my Genius Bootcamp Immersion program at no additional cost, which can be completed on your own time as a supplement to your studies.

If you’re interested in one of my last spots, complete this form right away:

And don’t let my coaching fee deter you; limited scholarship funds are sometimes available. But space is limited, so make yourself known asap if this opportunity is speaking to you!

Warmly, Leslie

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