Join me for the Thrive Summit: Unlocking 5 Key Relationships

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Hi Friend,

I’ve been asked to speak at a FREE virtual event, and you’re invited:

The Thrive Summit April 25 & 26

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey at the Thrive Summit: Unlocking the 5 Key Relationships For A Fulfilling Life!

This live virtual event, taking place Thursday and Friday April 25-26 from 10am – 4pm Eastern, is your opportunity to be uplifted and strengthened in the topics of self, family, spirituality, health, and work/finances from 25+ industry thought leaders.

As for me, I’ll be talking about Miracles Made Simple. Register now FREE and tell your friends:

#ThriveSummit #MentalWellness #VirtualEvent

At the Thrive Summit, you’ll get:

  • Strategies for cultivating a deeper connection with yourself and understanding your true potential.
  • Practical tips for nurturing healthy relationships in your family and building a strong support system.
  • Insights into spirituality and mindfulness practices to bring peace and clarity into your life.
  • Expert advice on optimizing your health and well-being to live your best life.
  • Proven techniques for achieving success in your work and financial goals.

Best of all, this event is completely free to attend from the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up a few more keys to a more fulfilling life.

Secure your spot today by visiting: and registering for the Thrive Summit.

See you there!

❤ Leslie
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