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Hi Reader,

Is there a book in you?

Short version: FREE Webinar for Aspiring Authors!

Find out what makes a book really special… it’s probably not what you think. What’s the secret sauce that causes people to talk about your book? This video will be available for one week.

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Long version:

Reader, I’m so excited!!! We’ve been planning something special for a very long time…

As you may have heard, my friend Stephanie Francom and I are holding a special Book Writing Retreat in March for a small group of aspiring authors who want 5 focused days of time to work on their book with expert support and guidance from a real publisher.

(But seriously, what author wouldn’t like to spend a casual 5 days with the owner of a publishing company? Room and meals included! Imagine how much you could get done.)

But also:

There are secrets to making your book special – secrets to making it the kind of book that gets talked about, long after you release it to the world.

You want to hear your readers say, “I lent my copy out and never got it back, so I need another one…”

Some of the most well-marketed books are not those kinds of books.

No matter how popular they appear now, one day they’ll be just a memory, replaced by the next highly-funded, well-marketed book.

But marketing is only one piece of the formula.

Too often, mediocre books get hyped up and marketed well, but they’re often like a flash in the pan. In far too many cases, people buy those books because of the hype, but never talk about them to anyone else. So it’s not just about marketing well; if you want your book to be different, impactful, and memorable, you need the other piece.

The other piece of the formula is the secret sauce.

Some of the most invisible, unknown books have that secret sauce, and even though they may not be in the front window of Barnes and Noble today, the drop they make in the pond we be the kind that lasts for years, decades, or even generations to come.

That’s the kind of book we want to help you create.

So, enjoy this special Webinar where I will share some of those secrets and details about what you can do right now to help your book succeed in 2022.

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