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Hi Reader,

Who is a creator?

You might be a creator if…

  • You are a business owner, or want to be one
  • You are a writer, or want to be one
  • You are a blogger or YouTuber, or want to be one
  • You are a team leader or member, working on a common goal
  • You are an artist, putting into reality the images in your head
  • You are a planner, wanting to shape your life to be better than ever
  • You are an adventurer, thinking about your next big experience
  • You are a marketer, looking for ways to be more effective and profitable
  • You are a dreamer, just wanting things to get better soon

Or, maybe you are just focused on…

  • Designing an ideal life with your family, or
  • Working to build stronger, healthy relationships

In short, ANYONE with a dream or a goal is a creator.


It’s one thing to know what to do.
It’s an entirely different thing to step forward and do it.

In this FREE webinar, you will learn a quick and easy pattern for connecting to your vision, receiving an inspired step, and accepting the unseen help you need to follow through on that step.

When this pattern is applied, there is nothing you cannot achieve because you are truly co-creating with God.

How would you like more confidence for stepping into your genius so that impacting this world for good becomes a more natural part of you?

Join us Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 11:00 am PT

Click here to register

Hosted and taught by Ann Ferguson, Program Director and Rare Faith Program Facilitator extraordinaire.

We’ll see you there!

❤️ Leslie and Ann

PS. We will also have a short Q/A about the upcoming Creator’s Retreat in St George, UT March 16-19 2022. Bring your questions! Ann will be available to explain more about that event so that you can know whether it’s a soul’s yes and the next right step for you and / or your team.
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